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What are you prepared to do?

Again the world seems to be in a tumult. If you don’t watch the news, read the papers or check in on social media you will still hear through the grapevine that a lot is happening.  Here is my second post in less than a few weeks that is inspired by the whirlwind of change around us.

Again the change comes from a combination of mother nature raising her ire or the depleted souls of various populations reclaiming independence, rights and voices long ago silenced.

The cataclysmic nature of these events sends shockwaves around the world. If you have even the slightest smallest sense of empathy you will eventually feel something.  Feeling something can send us into all sorts of directions.  Some of us run away in denial, others jump in and rescue, and many, well most of us sit in complete bewilderment lost at the idea of what we can do.

© Jenn Shallvey

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Act in balance
How often do you talk about something, get all fired up and passionate and then do nothing?  I bet if you are like most, your chatter meter is up high. In our intellectual and communication driven world it is easy to get caught up in the talk so much that we lose time taking the action.  In fact some of you might even say reading this blog post is a distraction from action. Well, it will be if you are someone already taking action. I presume since you are reading you are still on the fence and mustering up motivation.

I know because I am like you. I talk a lot. I confess, with all intentions of being fully open and authentic, that I talk a lot.  Some would say I rant, others might say I waffle.  Then there are people who say I inspire, motivate and encourage. So upon reflection my talk sometimes does work and other times does not. Perhaps the first is my own inner critic and ego in battle with my higher self. Luckily that wiser more knowing part of me usually wins out.

The key here is to know when your talk is just that, all talk, hot air and leading to nowhere.

I write this post in the context of great changes happening around the world. Whether climatic, social or political the world is experiencing a shift. For many of us we have to go to history books to read about events of such life altering significance.  I am not here to comment on these events. I will leave such dialogue to those on the ground, in the midst and fully briefed on such events. Instead I would like to comment on how we as a community respond to and handle our reactions.

So back to the fence.

© Jenn Shallvey
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A letter to you before you are no longer physically here


Dear loved one,

I send you this letter as a gesture of spirit, from one human being to another. 

You want for nothing, for your life has meaning.  Your presence in this world every day touches those around you, brightens their day and makes a difference, no matter how big or how small. 

Do not regret any unfinished or undone business in your life.  You live life according to your way and are an example to others for honoring this path.

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This blade of grass stands up

My declaration

I am in service to people who are in transition. Transition between jobs, roles, life situations etc. 

I desire to help hold the space for these people to open up and blossom from within. Like blades of grass I see people sprouting up from the earth all around the globe.

I hence feel that my work is widespread and covers lots of territory.

I also feel like the numbers of people that I will help is vast and that no one is different nor stands out.

Unlike my common understanding that they are unique souls there is also a common understanding that we are all the same.

Bearing water


So I am the water bearer, the one bringing forth the water to help the seed grow.

The soil and foundation is created and given to each person by the life they lead.

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PurposeJenn Shallvey
Passion to protect

I attended an event the other night where I encountered an excellent example of a person in the right job.

The person I met was a security guard, Joe, at the entrance to the venue.  This man's job was to cover the door and check tickets before entry.  My friend and I were at the start of the queue waiting so we had the pleasure of enjoying a conversation with Joe.  

Normally I expect a security guard to present the tough guy persona - ie stand tough, tall, straight and no smile.  Yet Joe didn't have this demeanour.  He immediately came across as professional, friendly, courteous.  He also had the aura of presence around him that said ' I am in charge here so don't mess with me' - but in a nice way'.

So as it is my favourite conversation pasttime to find out about people and why they do what they do I started up a conversation. 

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PurposeJenn Shallvey
Getting started with me

Do you know what you what you want to do with your life? Do you care? If you do then this post will start you thinking about your direction. It is exactly that...YOUR life and YOUR direction.

Start with time

So where do you start? This is the most common question we all ask ourselves. It is also a great excuse for us to keep puting off decisions. Making decisions in our lives can be challenging. In our younger years we find people, consider time dispensable. We can waste it. As we get older everything takes on new meaning. Time in particular.

So a starting point may be to first decide how much time you want to spend on this process. In other words how important is it to make decisions that are right for YOU and YOUR life?

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PurposeJenn Shallvey
Wandering in the right direction

For me being anywhere in sight or near the ocean restores my energy. Being in the water is even better. So it was without any plan that I decided today to head to the beach. It was mid morning, I was in between appointments and craved the fresh winter ocean air and the sight of the surf and sand.

I chose to get there by wandering in the right direction. I knew at least which way I needed to go. I did not look at a map. I did not look at my watch. I did not care where I ended up as long as it was at the beach. All I knew was that if I kept turning right and heading north I would end up at the beach.

An encounter

It was at the beach that I had one of those encounters that leaves you puzzled. After my walk I sat down in my private peace to enjoy the view, the surfers and the elements. No one else was on the beach, jut the occasional surfer heading down or back from the surf.

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PurposeJenn Shallvey
The path less travelled

University campuses are well planned. There are buildings with mini courtyards, grassed areas to sit for a bite of lunch or read a book between classes, and tree lined foot paths taking you to your next class.

Intuitive paths

There are also very unplanned sections. I call these the intuitive paths. What I notice everywhere I go is how it is human nature to take the shortest path. We intuitively look for the short cut, we find a way to get from point A to point B with the least amount of exertion and the greatest saving of time.

Take for example one of the university campuses I attended, UC Berkeley, California in the San Francisco Bay Area. Because the campus was on a hill with quite a grade walking back up the hill would sometimes be a drag. After a morning of classes in the Psychology building at the farthest corner of the campus (wonder why that is?) I would walk the 20 minutes up the hill through campus back to my house.

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