A letter to you before you are no longer physically here


Dear loved one,

I send you this letter as a gesture of spirit, from one human being to another. 

You want for nothing, for your life has meaning.  Your presence in this world every day touches those around you, brightens their day and makes a difference, no matter how big or how small. 

Do not regret any unfinished or undone business in your life.  You live life according to your way and are an example to others for honoring this path.

A legacy can be built, created and left behind from any one of us.  What is your legacy to others?  Do you have a sense of this?  What do you want others to remember from the lessons you learned this life time?

It is never too late to capture and share this wisdom.  Take every chance you have to share, contribute and guide those who have so much to learn from you.  Being a 'teacher' is a role we all have in us at some level.  We and you have this role now.  Your experience is for others to learn from.  What is it that you wish others to know? What would you like your friends to get in their heads AND hearts now before it is too late for them. 

Dig deep, go to the unsung lyrics of your own song and tell.  Do not hold back.  Do not mask the seriousness of your message with triviality or distract people with self deprecation. 

Be clear. Be strong. Be vocal.  Tell it like it is. 

All will benefit so greatly from this gift you have to share. 

Know that this task is one of love and also one of healing for you. 

Be in peace, be in love and be you to the very end.  Never stop.

With love,

from a fellow traveler on this earth