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Shared Destiny™ Publishing


Business has a shared destiny. Yet we do not see it. Instead we have fear. Fear of competition, fear of change, fear of loss, fear of fear itself. 

This fear masks itself in conventions that protect and maintain the status quo.

How does keeping things the same as they have always been serve anyone?

How does maintaining the old ways of business serve any of the stakeholders of any business?

These are questions that arise when we succumb to fear in business.

There is another way

Consider an alternative of a business Shared Destiny. What if instead of competing to be first or better than the other, business focused attention both on doing good and doing well?  Yes this sounds ideal, even Utopian. Yet we have come to time and point in the history of humanity where change is needed.  One of the last frontiers that seems filled with opportunities to truly change for good is the world of business.

The irony is business is a place where change is constant - both self imposed and externally imposed.  Yet the unwritten rules of business stay the same, the written rules change slowly.  Yes there are emerging shifts occurring across the globe. Even with these changes the focus is still business first, world second or in some cases last.

Business leaders leading a new direction in business

In the context of a business Shared Destiny, the aspirational vision is to see businesses work together to create change. Yes work together. But businesses are not able to direct themselves. People lead businesses. So the real connection needs to occur between business leaders.

So a business Shared Destiny goes beyond the boardroom walls to break down the barriers. Yes there are legal, accounting and other aspects to consider. Yet rising above the existing protocol means asking questions never asked before. 

The big questions are about what needs to change for the world to be a better place and how can business have a role in this change?

Take this to the personal level and ask:

How can YOU as a leader in or of a business work with others to create this change?

How can YOU challenge the way we do things now and create a new way, a new direction a shared direction?

Contribute consciously

A business Shared Destiny is about businesses through leaders working together for a common good for all whilst still maintaining individuality and uniqueness.

One of the challenges in business is that we continually seek out 'the best way' or 'the one way'. We see success in one place and rush to copy what the other does. In a shared destiny context the assumption is that there is no one way but many. There is respect for the individual. There is respect for individual knowing.  As a leader this individuality combined with knowing becomes a unique contribution.

Coming together in a community with others sharing their unique contribution expands the power and impact of business. When applied to create positive change this harnessing of knowledge truly makes a difference.

We each bring to a community unique perspective, gifts and experience. It starts with a conversation. I starts with connection. It grows with commitment and action.

It starts with YOUR conscious decision to be part of and lead the change you want to see.

Create community

Community means more than one. Yet a community needs someone to start.  Community also can be created based on as many ideas, thoughts, principles and reasons as you can imagine.

From a Shared Destiny© perspective creating community is about enabling leaders of conscious change to come together. It is also about helping these leaders then create their own communities.  Consider it a network of hubs all focusing in their own unique way and how to contribute.

Shared Destiny© communities are about individuals coming together. The idea is that we are all doing our own thing, uniquely positioned in our respective business environments. We are better though when we share and leverage the strengths and gifts of each other. We are also better when we share learning including the mistakes and errors made along the way.  Why? Well collectively we have a far greater chance of creating positive change than if we are all on our own.


Readers can enjoy both ebooks and printed books published under the imprint Shared Destiny. 

Shared Destiny is established, owned and operated out of Sydney, Australia.

Current publications

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