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Hi, I'm Jenn.

I help you to know you and be you.

Don't know where to start?

Then I invite you to discover how. 


How I serve you...



Mentor & Guide


Clarity! Online Course

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Remembering to Be Me Podcast


I help you to know you and be you

The way I can support you is by offering mentoring and guidance. 

In this work I do not tell you what to do nor predict what might happen. 

Instead we dialogue. We exchange ideas, work together, share wisdom, intuition and experience. 

I bring to the conversation a unique blend of experience, background, knowledge and insight. 

I also have this ability to tune into anybody I meet and sense where you are at now. 

Our conversation is something deep, enabling and empowering. In other words I help guide, mentor and walk along side you on your journey. I am there for you to lift you up, challenge you and help you find your own way, your own voice and act upon both.

Collaboration to enable YOUR achievement



Online Course

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Remembering to Be Me Podcast

Join Jenn on a journey of reflection, insight, wisdom and sharing about how to know you and be you. Be inspired and challenged at the same time. Dive into your own self discovery, growth and change. The choice is always yours. Jenn’s offer is to simply help and support you in the process. As you find your own way to balance the ups and downs be rewarded with freedom, contentment, happiness, acceptance, peace of mind and clarity. This is not always easy so start with this simple message to yourself “Be me, and when I forget, remember to be me.”

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Latest episode 004 - The Seeker Awakens

Following from last week's introduction episode this the first episode of a series called 'Remembering to Be Me'.  This episode explores the idea of what it means to be a seeker and on a path of self discovery.  The episode helps you to look at the signs that you are a seeker and then help you to to determine if you are on a path now.  Then Jenn explores three big questions to help you reflect and navigate further.  Also Jenn includes insights for the word of the episode. 


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