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Creating a Better You (paperback)

Moving from stress to well-being so you can focus on what matters

Find your own way to manage stress and enjoy more well-being.

You can choose to change habits, try new ways or learn more. You have the power to live your life your way.  You and only you can improve you. Success is measured internally by you on your own terms.  Are you happier? Are you less stressed? Are you being more you?  Success is also about knowing how to ride the ups and downs of life. Finding tools and techniques that work for you is a strategy. It is not about being perfect all the time. It is about knowing what works for our own self and then finding a flow around this way. We are all unique and different. This book simply suggests some ways to consider so you can help figure out your best way.

Creating a Better You is a practical, common sense resource of ideas, suggestions and thoughts on shifting your state of well-being to a place that supports and works with you in your life.  Normally this book is used in the context of one to one or group session. However to make the tips and suggestions accessible to all Jenn made the reference book available.

When we get in the way of our well-being, we miss out on enjoying our work and life.  Using this book as an additional reference will remind you and support you to take action now, and not wait any longer, to improve your life!

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Creating a Better You (eBook)

Moving from stress to well-being so you can focus on what matters