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Touristy me #3 - a spiritual experience in Barcelona

Tourist update 3. Travelling and writing. Today I woke up and felt these words so sharing before I head off to my next destination.

Just a few days after the terrorist attack in Barcelona, I visited La Sagrada Familia. For me it was genuinely a spiritual experience. Not because this cathedral was a religious place, but because of the feeling that came over me during my visit.

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Are you ready to consciously lead change?

I ask for the words to flow.  Like shy creatures hiding in the shadows, I coax each expression out into the light.  I acknowledge that when the words are not ready they simply stay waiting, waiting, waiting for a moment when it is time to be birthed. It may seem to you as if my contribution simply adds to the sea of words already in your universe. For me, it feels like I am speaking from a speck, loudly shouting with no one hearing. Yet I am no Who from Who-ville and you are not Horton, you see. We are each individuals with our own lives crisscrossing in a moment of virtual exchange.  The fact that you read and I write means we can connect. 

We are like these words.

We hide.
We wait.
We express.
We connect.

In this connection, let’s hope that a spark lights, a fire burns and passion awakens.  With one purpose in my mind, heart and soul, I write to inspire you to take action in your life so that you make a conscious positive difference in this world.

© Jenn ShallveyLet me be clearer.

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Watching the waves

I had one whole day to myself on my ‘me retreat’. I had nowhere to go, no plans, no appointments, no structured activities, no time to be anywhere, no driving to get there, no driving back home.  I created a space within time to be what I described as free.  

So where did I choose to go?  The beach of course!  My whole being comes alive anywhere near the ocean and beach. I don’t have to get in the water, just be within sight, sound and smell and I am instantly in heaven on Earth.

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Dining with me

Having attended a few retreats, I always find group dining a key part of the experience. Such moments provide an opportunity to integrate and process experiences as well as connect and meet others under the guise of sharing a meal.  

But on a ‘me retreat’ there is no other, unless you consider the voices in your head companions. When by yourself it is easy to minimize the importance of the meal. Yet for me I still find dining by myself an opportunity for reflection.  Instead of connecting with others the meal is a time to stop, nurture the self and receive.  It is in this type of space where I find self dialogue rich, thoughts expansive and feelings of contentment abound.  Well then such outcomes do depend on the dining experience too.

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Driving to the 'me retreat'

I love to drive. Road trips are a way for me to satisfy this urge. Behind the wheel, favorite music playing and sat nav to tell me where to go, equals a strange form of relaxation. Then I meet traffic and the ever increasing presence of competitive drivers (of course I am not included in this group).

First there are the ones that have to pass by even though I am doing the speed limit. Signs posted everywhere warn about mobile speed cameras. Don't they get it? Inevitably the great equalizer called stoplights and school zones and the occasional camera zone bring in some fairness.

I don't have to get anywhere soon.

I have no self imposed time limit to which I am beholden.

No, time is on my side for a change!

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As soon as my client left I was rushing upstairs to get my bags packed. Being the last minute girl that I am, I still had this task unfinished. What to take and not take! I couldn't believe I had such a dilemma when I was only going away two nights! I thought of my travelling friends who managed to go around the world with one small suitcase.  Yet whether a month to the States or a quick night away I always want to be prepared for anything, well at least as far as my luggage goes.

This time though was to be different. I promised to myself no computer, not even my iPad. This meant the only device allowed was a phone. How tempting it was to sneak the iPad in. Willpower prevailed though I did leave a note to my son to look after my WeRule farms while I was away.

(Note...old photo, not my car, just playing around with some dreaming.  This photo though captures the feeling I had on my departure so include it.)

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