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Touristy me #3 - a spiritual experience in Barcelona

Tourist update 3. Travelling and writing. Today I woke up and felt these words so sharing before I head off to my next destination.

Just a few days after the terrorist attack in Barcelona, I visited La Sagrada Familia. For me it was genuinely a spiritual experience. Not because this cathedral was a religious place, but because of the feeling that came over me during my visit.

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First world problems, or are they?

Today I was listening in the car to my local radio station and had a laugh. The lighter topic of the morning was about ‘first world problems’.  Now if you have not heard of this concept before here’s a quick snapshot.  Such problems are those that can occur in developed societies, cultures and countries with high standards of living.  First world societies can afford non essentials, luxuries, conveniences. When looked at objectively in the bigger context of including the problems of those in both second and third world societies, a ‘first world problem’ can then appear trivial and not worth complaining about. In other words the phrase is used to give someone a bit of perspective.

Examples abound. The one being shared on the radio to start the conversation was about how an ill fitted cup lid affected the radio hosts ability to drink her coffee.  Others followed.  I liked the one about an app not downloading fast enough on one’s smartphone.  

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Are you ready to consciously lead change?

I ask for the words to flow.  Like shy creatures hiding in the shadows, I coax each expression out into the light.  I acknowledge that when the words are not ready they simply stay waiting, waiting, waiting for a moment when it is time to be birthed. It may seem to you as if my contribution simply adds to the sea of words already in your universe. For me, it feels like I am speaking from a speck, loudly shouting with no one hearing. Yet I am no Who from Who-ville and you are not Horton, you see. We are each individuals with our own lives crisscrossing in a moment of virtual exchange.  The fact that you read and I write means we can connect. 

We are like these words.

We hide.
We wait.
We express.
We connect.

In this connection, let’s hope that a spark lights, a fire burns and passion awakens.  With one purpose in my mind, heart and soul, I write to inspire you to take action in your life so that you make a conscious positive difference in this world.

© Jenn ShallveyLet me be clearer.

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In good time

I love the adage ‘good things take time’.

But then how is it that in today’s society of interconnectedness, being on rather than off, we have a bad case of impatience. 

How do you know you have a waiting problem? 

Photo © Jenn Shallvey

In the virtual world, you know you have an impatience problem when:

  • you think your computer takes to long to turn on and load,
  • you call a person and you think answer after three rings or voicemail is slow,
  • you send an email and don’t get an immediate response.

Or what about in the physical world, where impatience means you can't stand it when you:

  • have to ‘take a number’ to be served,
  • wait behind a line of other people to get something you want now,
  • get stuck in traffic and miss the light, 
  • arrive late to work because the bus schedule wasn't accurate.    

These may seem like silly examples and on a blog post nothing more than everyday problems. Yet in reality take one of these situations, add a few more, a little dose of stress or pressure and you have the formula for a personal disaster.

By personal disaster I mean letting it get to you and doing the opposite of what you need to do. 

In response to such situations the best remedy is patience, calmness and centeredness. Easier said than done.  Yet if our senses are heightened we can be triggered into the impatience and ensuing emotional responses.

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In the firing line of life

I have a tendency to go with the flow, explore and see what life brings to me.  I used to be an over achiever. Now I might even be described as an under achiever and perhaps a bit more of an over be-er. What I mean by this is that despite all the well laid plans, strategies and structured decisions, life throws curve balls. Actually life doesn’t just throw curve balls, life shoots tennis balls out of an automatic machine until you surrender.

You know that experience, just when you had everything figured out then something happened. Well this is what I am talking about.  It is that feeling that you think (key operative word here) you know (another key operative word here), then you realize that you don’t really know.  In this context I am talking about over thinking, over analyzing, over doing a point to exhaustion - your own exhaustion.

Photo © Jenn Shallvey

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Watching the waves

I had one whole day to myself on my ‘me retreat’. I had nowhere to go, no plans, no appointments, no structured activities, no time to be anywhere, no driving to get there, no driving back home.  I created a space within time to be what I described as free.  

So where did I choose to go?  The beach of course!  My whole being comes alive anywhere near the ocean and beach. I don’t have to get in the water, just be within sight, sound and smell and I am instantly in heaven on Earth.

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