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Changing jobs is about being you
I have recently been involved in supporting a person who needed to make a big decision.  Not one that could be taken lightly or dismissed with a random toss of the coin. No, this person needed to choose between being part of a particular organisation or staying authentic in the expression of self as a person.

As such a scenario is highly confidential, I will modify the facts to be more generic, change context and stay fairly high level.   I instead will pen this more as a story rather than a literal retelling of facts.  I believe that many of you will relate.  So let me share with you this tale.

© Jenn Shallvey
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When you lead are you at the start of the equation?

Does this happen to you ever? What you want to do does not seem to eventuate.  Then when you sit with it longer you realize that you probably needed what you thought you wanted to do not to happen. It's a bit of Murphy's Law meets Law of Attraction. If this does not make sense then just consider we teach what we most need to learn.

Time to practice what I tell others
Let me be open with a bit of personal disclosure to start. In my case, I feel that I strive to work from the place of creation, not reaction.  However, for years I have teetered between the two and now firmly want to declare it's time for creation.  Saying this out loud to you, I notice that at  times when I look back in my life I can get caught up in bouts of negativity. The negativity stems from me wishing I did things differently or took another path. It is not about regrets. It is simply an experience like weights holding me down, acting as reminders, tugging and pulling me back.   What then happens is I sometimes end up filtering opportunities or situations through gray colored glasses.  Instead of being my positive, upbeat, go with the flow self I end up being the nay sayer. Never the naysayer to others, just me.

© Jenn ShallveyIn practical terms what this means is I start alot and stop dead in my tracks. Yes that is the feeling. Imagine seeing a balloon or a flower floating in the air. You run and chase it, entranced by the beauty and randomness of it's appearance. Only all the sudden you realize that the rest of the world is watching you chase after this dream. From their perspective you look a little crazy or wacky. As soon as I get a scent of this viewpoint I come crashing down. I dig my heels in the earth and drag myself to a screeching halt, building up piles and piles of mud in the midst of it all.

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Fake it until you make it might just be why you lose it

Fake it until you make it is one of those catch cries that gets my back up. For me this expression goes against everything I stand for, in particular being real, authentic and who you are at all times and in all contexts.

For years I have heard this phrase mentioned in numerous situations.  Most often this phrase is a suggestion for psyching people up to get out and try to be someone that they want to be but just don’t have the experience or guts to do yet. The phrase is meant to be a bit of positive thinking, visualisation and manifestation wrapped up in one.  I know this as I have even been on the receiving end of such advice from well respected coaches.

Yet for me using the 'fake it' phrase teaches people that you can get by in life if you pretend to be someone you are not. 

Currency and relevance for now

Right now society’s big topic of conversation is how the current economic crisis affects people and business.  The double whammy, depending on your perspective, is the rising unemployment combined with business downturn.  Whether you are an employee or a business owner the world is changing as we get up and do whatever we do to earn a living and create the flow of money to fund our choice of lifestyle.

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