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When you lead are you at the start of the equation?

Does this happen to you ever? What you want to do does not seem to eventuate.  Then when you sit with it longer you realize that you probably needed what you thought you wanted to do not to happen. It's a bit of Murphy's Law meets Law of Attraction. If this does not make sense then just consider we teach what we most need to learn.

Time to practice what I tell others
Let me be open with a bit of personal disclosure to start. In my case, I feel that I strive to work from the place of creation, not reaction.  However, for years I have teetered between the two and now firmly want to declare it's time for creation.  Saying this out loud to you, I notice that at  times when I look back in my life I can get caught up in bouts of negativity. The negativity stems from me wishing I did things differently or took another path. It is not about regrets. It is simply an experience like weights holding me down, acting as reminders, tugging and pulling me back.   What then happens is I sometimes end up filtering opportunities or situations through gray colored glasses.  Instead of being my positive, upbeat, go with the flow self I end up being the nay sayer. Never the naysayer to others, just me.

© Jenn ShallveyIn practical terms what this means is I start alot and stop dead in my tracks. Yes that is the feeling. Imagine seeing a balloon or a flower floating in the air. You run and chase it, entranced by the beauty and randomness of it's appearance. Only all the sudden you realize that the rest of the world is watching you chase after this dream. From their perspective you look a little crazy or wacky. As soon as I get a scent of this viewpoint I come crashing down. I dig my heels in the earth and drag myself to a screeching halt, building up piles and piles of mud in the midst of it all.

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Getting what you want

What does it feel to want something so badly and then get it. Do you change? Do you really feel different?

I think it depends on what state you are in anticipating what it is you want.

Someone close to me

My experience comes today from observing my son. He is 11 years old tomorrow. For as long as he has been at primary school all he has wanted was to attend a particular high school. He does not do this until January 2010. Yet for him this is a picture he holds in his mind. It is not unusual for it to come up in conversation every so often.

I also check in a lot too. I ask things like "are you sure this is where you want to go?", "there are other schools you could apply to, do you want to".

No is the answer.

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The sea change is in you

I had a fantastic real conversation today with a person (let's call him Bob) about sea changes.  Our conversation wandered along the line of thought "wouldn't it be nice if you could live....".  As Bob and I chatted it became clearer to me that his chatting was not just to keep the conversation going. Bob started to share with me examples of others who have left the corporate world to shift into completely different lifestyles. There was a tone of admiration about these individuals as if to say they have the guts and Bob doesn't. 

The block

So I asked Bob what was stopping him from making the change. 

It was another person.  So from Bob's perspective the block was outside of him.

Then we talked further about how we have this internal dilemma of what we want personally versus what we compromise for and choose for the sake of our important relationships.

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Be a dreamer who’s down to earth

I regularly have conversations with people about what they want to do in their life and work. Many times these innocent chats end up going to places more meaningful than the person expected. We end up talking about drive, dreams and desires - usually all unfulfilled.

I notice one consistent theme when I look at the blocks people face when they want to turn these into reality (me included) – we keep our thoughts trapped in our heads.

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