Are you ready to consciously lead change?

I ask for the words to flow.  Like shy creatures hiding in the shadows, I coax each expression out into the light.  I acknowledge that when the words are not ready they simply stay waiting, waiting, waiting for a moment when it is time to be birthed. It may seem to you as if my contribution simply adds to the sea of words already in your universe. For me, it feels like I am speaking from a speck, loudly shouting with no one hearing. Yet I am no Who from Who-ville and you are not Horton, you see. We are each individuals with our own lives crisscrossing in a moment of virtual exchange.  The fact that you read and I write means we can connect. 

We are like these words.

We hide.

We wait.

We express.

We connect.

In this connection, let’s hope that a spark lights, a fire burns and passion awakens.  With one purpose in my mind, heart and soul, I write to inspire you to take action in your life so that you make a conscious positive difference in this world.


© Jenn ShallveyLet me be clearer.

A wish for inspired conscious leadership

It is my wish that by reading or listening to something that I write you are inspired to take action. I do not need credit, nor recognition. What I do want is to know that the world will be a better place because I inspired you to do something differently.

Whilst we can all lead in changing the world, I believe that those who are in a position to do so on a large scale need to step up more than ever. Are you such a person?  Many of us do not realize that the resources and means we have at our disposal can be so easily redirected. Many of us are unaware, or more likely in avoidance and denial, that our positions in business and elsewhere are more influential than they seem. It is a matter of intention, direction and purpose. Should you wish to change your orientation you may in fact change the direction of all that you affect. Whether it be financial management, social enterprise or creative pursuits, your choices are votes for or against conscious action and leadership. Where you stand will be reflected in your decisions. Where you lead will show in your actions. 

Are you on the sidelines?

But then I am just sharing a point of view.  It is not for me to tell you what to do. In fact it is not for anyone to tell you what to do. The only person that can make up your mind for you is you.  This sounds so simple yet we mess this up all the time. So many of us listen to others, hear only the should ‘s and should not’s in our lives. We play it safe. We sit on the sideline observing, not taking action.

Some of us act like it is someone else’s problem, someone else’s mess to clean up. Some don’t notice or pay attention thinking the problems will go away.

But the problems don't go away, do they?

How do I know? 

Because I tried and they didn’t go away.  The more that I become aware of what is happening in our world the more I want to do something constructive and meaningful to change it.  I am only one person. Yet I know that the one thing I have that you have as well is a voice. So in the spirit of not sitting on the sidelines anymore I wish to exercise this voice in a way that inspires you to take action.

Reflective action leads the way

For me action follows reflection.  I am big on reflection (if you have not noticed then take a look at my Facebook page or two of my other blogs reflect and reflect2see).  So in reflection on my writing so far I notice a theme emerging.   You see I write my posts intuitively, from the heart, when I feel inspired. I know this is not ‘best practice blogging’ but this is where I have been at in my approach.  The posts of late are around conscious change and self leadership. It is from this place I now write and set off in a more focused direction.  Everything that I do from now on, in my writing, my work, my existence is to inspire conscious self leadership in those who have the means, ability and influence to make a positive difference in the world.


© Jenn ShallveyOk so this post is sounding like it’s all about me, but it isn’t. I am simply putting my cards on the table letting you know where I stand. It is from this place of groundedness, inner knowing and conviction that I ask you to do the same.  By the same, I mean commit to a path of consciously making a positive difference in this world.  No longer can you sit by in observation, as witness with no action. No longer can you say someone else will take care of the problem. No longer can you say ‘she’ll be right mate’ because that may not be the case.

Let's start

The person I want to talk to the most about creating change is you. Why you? Because you are reading this post. You are aware enough to get this far, know what I am talking about and understand the meaning of the message. 

Today is a day where you can stop. You can take stock of your life, how much you have achieved and contributed in the conventional and expected way. You can also envision and imagine a future quite different from what you experience today.  You also have the power and ability to choose right now to decide it is time to change. It is time to really stand up and make a difference in the world.

Such words seem so trite if only read and then replaced with the next most convenient thought.

Instead I implore you, challenge you, invite you to sit with and hold onto the spark of inspiration that I now hope will arise within you.

Start by asking your self the questions:

  • What am I to do with this life I have been given?

  • How am I to leverage and apply all the learning, knowledge, experience, talents and gifts to truly make a positive difference in the world?

  • In this context, what interests me, excites me and draws my attention now?

Time for some direction


© Jenn ShallveyIt is this glimmer, this flicker of light that will guide and lead you down a path where your presence is needed.

You have two choices.

  1. Do nothing, or

  2. Do something.

I am in the camp of do something. For me the something is writing, coaching and facilitating. I am evolving my work to focus even more on helping people, particularly those in positions that can influence change, be more conscious about their actions, to leverage and use resources for positive good and leave a sustainable legacy.

What is the something for you? What is it that you can start to do now that will shift you into the phase of making a conscious positive difference?

This is a challenging post, I know. I don’t intend to make you comfortable or take it easy. I would like to shake things up a bit.

But once shaken up a bit it is important to have support and find ways to keep balanced, grounded and anchored in your reality.   At the same time all this seriousness need not be at the expense of fun and happiness or your journey will suffer. 

Some suggestions for such steps will follow in another post soon. For now I would like to see you pondering, wondering, contemplating whether you are ready to step up to the next level and truly commit to making a conscious positive difference in the world.

I know I am.

Are you?



Please see the above post for this in audio.