One tree gone yet many left. Let's keep it that way. (Read to end to see the new view)

Two nights ago I was in awe of the combined beauty of this eucalyptus tree in the rain at dusk.  I quickly grabbed my camera to capture the moment.

I love living amongst the trees. I also appreciate the open space, fields and parks. The two symbolise balance.

Being surrounded by trees I take it for granted that these wooded friends will always be around. Sometimes a tree’s life comes to an end before it’s natural demise.  

In our constant pursuit of a dream home or a civilized dwelling we can find a tree or two in the way, right? Sometimes though it seems everyone around you is blocked by a tree. What happens when a whole street considers trees a nuisance? Well we end up with concrete and wonder what happened.  Then we instigate replanting and greening schemes to bring back nature.

Most of us who choose to live near the trees choose to do so because we love them.  I can attest to the efforts taken to ensure that, at least around my street, the building and renovation is done with the trees in mind, not at their expense.   One tree in a suburban neighborhood, taken down after a thorough consultative process, is nothing compared to entire forests being decimated around the globe. We live in balance in our pursuit of a civilized lifestyle.  In the aftermath of such a clearing there are often integrated homes and buildings that allow you to sit and admire your wooded surroundings. Who would not want the opportunity to live immersed in nature, even if only for a holiday?

I have always loved trees. My love of trees is only second to my passion for the ocean.  Everywhere I have lived I can remember days and nights looking out the window at the surrounding canopies.  If I lay on my bed just right, I could almost imagine I was alone up in a tree myself with nothing but trees surrounding me. Many a times I climbed or at least tried to climb as high as I could go. Up there in the treetops you can feel as if you could touch the sky.  Trees have that effect on us. They remind us that the earth is connected to the sky in one living breathing organism.  Trees are an anchor of energy and literally a breath of fresh air.


Today, I awoke to the sound of a chainsaw.  

I marvelled at the efficiency and focus of the work being done.

One minute there was a branch, the next blue sky.

Yet this tree was only one to be sacrificed. The rest had a reprieve.

Once a naturally designed window, now pieces of logs and segments of wood.

All it takes is one person and a petrol powered tool.

To return the tree to the earth.

There are so many more trees remaining. This is what I keep telling myself.

Time to go for this one.

Chips and mulch is this tree’s legacy.

Returned to dust at warp speed.

Sympathetic development, careful planning and respect for nature are a tricky road to travel on.
So knowing that this one tree had to go (it was actually marked as dangerous for falling) is ok for me.  
I can still appreciate the beauty and abundant foliage surrounding the empty space that now exists.
In fact the new view below shows me how much is still there to appreciate.  

Let’s treasure and preserve as much of nature, especially the trees (and oceans I might add) as we can and sacrifice less.

Jenn Shallvey