This blade of grass stands up

My declaration

I am in service to people who are in transition. Transition between jobs, roles, life situations etc. 

I desire to help hold the space for these people to open up and blossom from within. Like blades of grass I see people sprouting up from the earth all around the globe.

I hence feel that my work is widespread and covers lots of territory.

I also feel like the numbers of people that I will help is vast and that no one is different nor stands out.

Unlike my common understanding that they are unique souls there is also a common understanding that we are all the same.

Bearing water


So I am the water bearer, the one bringing forth the water to help the seed grow.

The soil and foundation is created and given to each person by the life they lead.

Up until seeing me the soil in which they plant their seed will vary as much as there are minerals to combine, elements to shape and days and years to wear us down. 

Even in the harshest of conditions a person can sprout and grow.


Lone seeds growing

DSCN1729_2_2I am taken to the image of the plants on Hawaii the big island. 

There amidst volcanic rock, seemingly growing from air, are beautiful leafy plants with flowers brightly shining in the sun.

How is this possible we might ask? 

I am taken to the flowering plant, anchored in the cliff side rocks of Sydney's Manly heads, holding on against the constant wind and elements.

How is this possible we again might ask? 

I am taken to the lone flower sprouting up in a garden of weeds. How is it that this one seed somehow found its way into the untended garden of a careless one? 


Strength in numbers


Stop for a moment and consider the blade of grass.

Consider its shape, resilient nature, durability.

A blade of grass when combined with thousands and millions of other blades of grass has the ability to support the weight of a human being plus more and still bounce back.

On its own, one blade of grass may not survive such torture.

We humans are just like blades of grass.

Only we don’t know it. We do not look around and see each other as fellow blades in the vast lawns and meadows of life.

No we see ourselves as separate. We focus on the gap between us rather than the similarity, the commonality the shared experience. 

Connected below the surface

DNAIf instead we were to turn to each other we might realise we are connected.

Not connected above the ground where all can see. No we are connected below the ground, in the unseen root systems anchored in the earth.

Just like this grass we are connected by an unseen force, an energy, a oneness. We are in fact far more similar than we imagine.

For a moment just think of something…we all have the SAME exact basic nucleotides, adenine, cytosine, guanine and thymine making up our DNA.

We are made of the same materials. 

So what really makes us different? Well that’s the million dollar question. When you have that one answered let me know.


Hold up your weight



For now focus on your similarity and commonality with your other fellow human beings.

Consider how you can work together to share in holding up and supporting the weight of the world's problems.

Only then will we as a species be able to generate the will to truly survive and erase the erroneous ways of a few weeds amongst the grass.


Let's go there...






PurposeJenn Shallvey