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The real problem with plastic bags

At my local harbourside pool for a swim I saw a man commit an act of disrespect to the environment. Innocent, naïve and unaware I am sure he did not even realise his infraction. 

As I waited at the reception window to return my locker key he walked past me. He walked purposely but slowly, dressed in grey suit pants, a striped business shirt, coifed in silver streaked hair neatly combed following his swim.

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A plea for mother Earth

This post is another one that I recorded in audio first. The following is a transcription of my verbal sharing.  I wrote this after waking this morning from a restless sleep thinking and feeling for what is happening in the world at the moment. I am sure you are too. So I hope that you can relate to this sharing. You also may wonder why I am writing about such a topic. I do because I am passionate about people being true to self. Being a person who supports people in transition I also believe that as a collective whole we all need to support a lot of people in transition right now.

I write this from my heart and when I say that I really mean that I am feeling what I am saying to you. I have continually listened to and paid attention to the happenings in the world of late.  And what strikes me is that almost every day we get touched by a natural disaster or a change in the way the Earth is experiencing living with us humans. 

I am not an expert nor anyone who can even comment on the fragile relationship we have as man and Earth. What I can say though is as an observer, as a person who feels deeply, is that we are not paying attention. And the only way that the earth can actually say anything to us seems to be to yell and scream like a child having a tantrum. Only Earth isn't a child. Earth is our mother. Earth is akin to a mother. Earth protects us nurtures us and looks after us.  Earth turns a blind eye when we abuse it when we crank up the terrible things we do to hurt it and says no matter what I'm still there just like a mother would do to a child.

© Jenn ShallveyI feel this so strongly because every day I walk around in nature. And as a person who enjoys nature and at the same time also uses things that probably hurt nature, I remember there's a balance.  So I'm not saying I'm perfect. I'm not saying that I actually am an example or role model for you.  What I am saying though is my conscious awareness is so full on right now about what is happening around us that I can't sit by and do nothing.

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What are you prepared to do?

Again the world seems to be in a tumult. If you don’t watch the news, read the papers or check in on social media you will still hear through the grapevine that a lot is happening.  Here is my second post in less than a few weeks that is inspired by the whirlwind of change around us.

Again the change comes from a combination of mother nature raising her ire or the depleted souls of various populations reclaiming independence, rights and voices long ago silenced.

The cataclysmic nature of these events sends shockwaves around the world. If you have even the slightest smallest sense of empathy you will eventually feel something.  Feeling something can send us into all sorts of directions.  Some of us run away in denial, others jump in and rescue, and many, well most of us sit in complete bewilderment lost at the idea of what we can do.

© Jenn Shallvey

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Act in balance
How often do you talk about something, get all fired up and passionate and then do nothing?  I bet if you are like most, your chatter meter is up high. In our intellectual and communication driven world it is easy to get caught up in the talk so much that we lose time taking the action.  In fact some of you might even say reading this blog post is a distraction from action. Well, it will be if you are someone already taking action. I presume since you are reading you are still on the fence and mustering up motivation.

I know because I am like you. I talk a lot. I confess, with all intentions of being fully open and authentic, that I talk a lot.  Some would say I rant, others might say I waffle.  Then there are people who say I inspire, motivate and encourage. So upon reflection my talk sometimes does work and other times does not. Perhaps the first is my own inner critic and ego in battle with my higher self. Luckily that wiser more knowing part of me usually wins out.

The key here is to know when your talk is just that, all talk, hot air and leading to nowhere.

I write this post in the context of great changes happening around the world. Whether climatic, social or political the world is experiencing a shift. For many of us we have to go to history books to read about events of such life altering significance.  I am not here to comment on these events. I will leave such dialogue to those on the ground, in the midst and fully briefed on such events. Instead I would like to comment on how we as a community respond to and handle our reactions.

So back to the fence.

© Jenn Shallvey
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There is no excuse for being a bully

Bullies are everywhere-on the road, at your workplace, in some people’s homes even families.   You may not be a bully but I bet once or more in your life you expressed a bully streak.  You know, your anger got out of control and you took it out on another person.  Yet likely you had a great social system of friends, family, teachers, work colleagues who helped you back in line.  Maybe you even had unconditional love and worked through this aberrant behavior before it took hold and developed into a habit.DSC_0330

Some unfortunate ones in our society do not have this help.  They are either so far gone or allowed to get away with the behavior that it is too late.  Not too late to change, but likely too late to have quality relationships that help the bully repent, recover and return to being a decent human being.  Or more likely, lacking in the resources and people dedicated to helping them turn around.

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You choose what you do with information

I had a chat the other day with a person, we'll call him Doug, who I considered influential in a business sense. Doug had one of the most senior leadership roles in the organisation that employed him, let's call it Widget Pty Ltd.  This means Doug directed, lead, influenced, motivated, and guided the people in Widget Pty Ltd.

In the know about business

What Doug also had was the privilege of receiving information that others in Widget Pty Ltd might not see. This information would include financial data, personnel data, news and inside information about Widget Pty Ltd.'s industry.

What struck me the most was the amount of power evident in the control and use of information available to a person of such a high position in a company.

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