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The real problem with plastic bags

At my local harbourside pool for a swim I saw a man commit an act of disrespect to the environment. Innocent, naïve and unaware I am sure he did not even realise his infraction. 

As I waited at the reception window to return my locker key he walked past me. He walked purposely but slowly, dressed in grey suit pants, a striped business shirt, coifed in silver streaked hair neatly combed following his swim.

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Change is inevitable so what are you going to do about it?

Change is inevitable.  This is my assumption for this post.  Because change is inevitable we all go through it. All you have to do is look at history and see that nothing stays the same.  Nature doesn’t stay the same. Nothing is constant. The world around us always evolves and changes. Everything is moving at some level. Even your body is not the same as it was one second ago. Nothing is the same now compared to before, there just might be different paces of change.

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Change in me is a familiar companion unknown to others

Announcements are made daily in the news about decisions that create change for others. For example, a new freeway, the restructuring of a company, a merger or even the launch of a new product. For most people on the receiving end of this news there will be no lead up, no forewarning. Instead there will be the sudden realisation and even shock that what they knew before is no longer going to be the same.

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The perils of leading from a pedestal

Why would anyone choose to be in the public eye these days?  One moment you are on a pedestal, the next you are in the gutter. What amazes me though is that the person who is willing to be public is not the one choosing to be in either place. The public audience does this in a myriad of ways. Whether it’s a headline article in a newspaper or hysteria of tweets creating a trend, the public person is in for a ride.

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Planning to change plans

Plans, dreams, intentions and desires inspire us to go in new directions. The more we learn, the more we grow, the more we choose to step forward.  Sometimes though what we plan to do takes longer than we want. Sometimes what we want does not eventually end up satisfying us or being what we imagined.

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Big questions for business

I read articles and stories when they pique my interest. When I am compelled to read the whole story I pay attention.  The latest story to grab me is the article in the NY Times about the work practices of  If you have not read the story I invite you to do so. I also invite you to skim, review and notice the responses now populating various online worlds.

Then stop for a moment and consider your response. I am very specific about this request. Why? Because the emotions are running high and people are reacting from all sides.  

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No more business, no more customer

For me a business exists to serve others whether direct or indirect. A key connection is the customer or client.  The depth and continuity of this connection depends on the type of service. For most retail and service businesses the customer is limited to a transaction based exchange.

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Endings and new beginnings in business

The other day I found out that a favourite cafe closed down.  I was in shock. This place hosted breakfast and lunch for me an my family over the last 17 years. It was the place where I would escape to feel anonymous yet welcomed by the owner. It was the place I would sneak in a breakfast with my daughter before she was in school full time. It was a place I met friends and clients. It was the place I wrote many words. 

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