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The real problem with plastic bags

At my local harbourside pool for a swim I saw a man commit an act of disrespect to the environment. Innocent, naïve and unaware I am sure he did not even realise his infraction. 

As I waited at the reception window to return my locker key he walked past me. He walked purposely but slowly, dressed in grey suit pants, a striped business shirt, coifed in silver streaked hair neatly combed following his swim.

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Mean it when you ask RUOK?

Today is RUOK day. If you don’t know what this means then say the letters out loud. It is a simple question not asked often enough.  The fact that there is a day dedicated to this reminder says a lot. Our society is in such a state that we forget to ask the simplest of questions “Are you ok?” and mean it.  Of course the key message is to not just ask this question on one day but all throughout the year whenever you feel it seems appropriate.

For me it is more about being sincere and authentic when you ask how someone is doing. It is such a common greeting that we often don’t listen for the response. How often do you meet someone and ask without really thinking about the person’s day. It is likely that you share the words as part of a conversation but not the feeling inside of really wanting to know.  We have someone where to go, thoughts on our mind,  our our own worries and concerns or the task at hand as distraction.

When we ask someone how he/she is doing many secretly don’t want to know. Many of us don’t want to go into a conversation that isn’t upbeat, superficial and trivial. Many of us are too afraid to hold a real conversation and truly listen to another person.

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What are you prepared to do?

Again the world seems to be in a tumult. If you don’t watch the news, read the papers or check in on social media you will still hear through the grapevine that a lot is happening.  Here is my second post in less than a few weeks that is inspired by the whirlwind of change around us.

Again the change comes from a combination of mother nature raising her ire or the depleted souls of various populations reclaiming independence, rights and voices long ago silenced.

The cataclysmic nature of these events sends shockwaves around the world. If you have even the slightest smallest sense of empathy you will eventually feel something.  Feeling something can send us into all sorts of directions.  Some of us run away in denial, others jump in and rescue, and many, well most of us sit in complete bewilderment lost at the idea of what we can do.

© Jenn Shallvey

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Act in balance
How often do you talk about something, get all fired up and passionate and then do nothing?  I bet if you are like most, your chatter meter is up high. In our intellectual and communication driven world it is easy to get caught up in the talk so much that we lose time taking the action.  In fact some of you might even say reading this blog post is a distraction from action. Well, it will be if you are someone already taking action. I presume since you are reading you are still on the fence and mustering up motivation.

I know because I am like you. I talk a lot. I confess, with all intentions of being fully open and authentic, that I talk a lot.  Some would say I rant, others might say I waffle.  Then there are people who say I inspire, motivate and encourage. So upon reflection my talk sometimes does work and other times does not. Perhaps the first is my own inner critic and ego in battle with my higher self. Luckily that wiser more knowing part of me usually wins out.

The key here is to know when your talk is just that, all talk, hot air and leading to nowhere.

I write this post in the context of great changes happening around the world. Whether climatic, social or political the world is experiencing a shift. For many of us we have to go to history books to read about events of such life altering significance.  I am not here to comment on these events. I will leave such dialogue to those on the ground, in the midst and fully briefed on such events. Instead I would like to comment on how we as a community respond to and handle our reactions.

So back to the fence.

© Jenn Shallvey
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Let's talk sea turtle...

There are many causes for us to support. I of course am the first person to say it is up to us to choose what we want to get behind. When it comes to animals I like to support WSPA, WWF and the Humane Society International.

Whether you are an animal lover or not the importance of preserving the diversity of species and especially endangered species on our planet rests with the decisions we make as human beings.

Do what what you can
Our means of support and ability to commit to helping varies. For some simply having the conversation is enough. For others donating money is the next step. And for a few courageous and dedicated individuals we lead by example through our actions. I respect that our level of contribution is a personal choice in the context of our means, capacity and juggling of other causes we take up.

Take a step
So I invite you to take a step in a direction that works for you and at least have the conversation. I ask you to consider the plight of the leatherback turtle as an example of the difference we can make towards this planet. The closest that you have come to a sea turtle may have been an amusement park or zoo. To actually see them in their natural habitat changes your perspective forever.

Surfing with sea turtles
My own personal encounter was with the pacific green sea turtle while visiting Hawaii. I was learning to surf and worried that I would run into sharks or put my foot down on the reef. Instead I kept seeing curious turtles popping up in the surf (ok tiny little swells - I was learning!).

Then it was on my walks along the deserted beach that I had my encounters with the resting turtles. They were maginicent the way that they came ashore to relax and then headed back out in the water to feed off the reef. It was a beautiful example of man and animal living together without disturbing each other.

What the sea turtle taught me
In my reflective visit I even learned alot just considering the life of the sea turtle. They swim out in the ocean, no effort whatsoever, feeding off the reefs as needed. Then knowing when it is time to rest head on shore to take a break. Interestingly for them to get to the rest spot and stop takes a bit of effort. But they are smart. When ready to go back in they head back to the water and also wait for the water to meet them. We could learn a few lessons about rest in our busy lives from a sea turtle! But amazingly conversations can be just like the journey of the sea turtle.

Learn more
So take a moment to learn more about the leatherback sea turtle. Perhaps even watch the conservation video to see what is being done in conjunction with local pacific island communities to preserve this species. Then consider what you can do.

Alternatively check out the websites of WWF, WSPA and The Humane Society International if interested.

I welcome your feedback and any other sharing of suggestions for going there in the conversation about conservation of animals.

Remember conversation and conservation are closer than you think, just a reordering of the letters.

Let's go there...


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