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There is no excuse for being a bully

Bullies are everywhere-on the road, at your workplace, in some people’s homes even families.   You may not be a bully but I bet once or more in your life you expressed a bully streak.  You know, your anger got out of control and you took it out on another person.  Yet likely you had a great social system of friends, family, teachers, work colleagues who helped you back in line.  Maybe you even had unconditional love and worked through this aberrant behavior before it took hold and developed into a habit.DSC_0330

Some unfortunate ones in our society do not have this help.  They are either so far gone or allowed to get away with the behavior that it is too late.  Not too late to change, but likely too late to have quality relationships that help the bully repent, recover and return to being a decent human being.  Or more likely, lacking in the resources and people dedicated to helping them turn around.

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Trust is not a four letter word

In many of the coaching sessions I am coach and the ones I attend as coachee, trust is a topic of discussion.

I started thinking about the idea of trust and what it means.  I have worked with the concept of trust in many ways over the years.  The fact that it is coming up again and again makes me think there is a lot to work on still.

Trust is made up of several factors. Four of these include self disclosure, intention, level of effort and degree of control.

Self disclosure

Self disclosure is the extent to which we share information about ourself with another person or group of people.  The degree of self disclosure ranges from full to none.  There are of course many reasons why we may or may not disclose information about ourselves. These may include circu

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