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Inner wisdom - stop watch

Intuition can sometimes seem evasive. When we want it to work it doesn't. Then when we least expect it the flash of insight comes to us easily and clearly.  The challenge is to trick ourselves into letting it flow all the time as if we are not trying. 

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Inner wisdom - judgment free

The number one barrier I find people have to believing or trusting their own inner wisdom is acceptance.  Despite brilliant insight, quick feedback or clear vision we cascade down a waterfall of judgment, evaluation and discounting.  We can't help it. We are trained to do so. Being the analyst is a valued skill.  Yet when we use our intuition to access that part within us that 'knows' we need to nurture and support our inner voice not squash it.

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Inner wisdom - Heart Breath

One of the biggest challenges with connecting to your intuition is staying connected. A key to being inner connected and self aware is establishing a receptive state.  This step is not always easy.  We quickly get pulled out of our self.  There are so many distractions, realities to face and even self sabotaging mechanisms getting in the way.  Yet once you know the feeling of being connected to your intuitive self you want to sustain the connection. Ideally it would be great to be ‘tuned in’ as I say 24x7 but we are not perfect.

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Inner wisdom - nature time out

Our intuition flows when we are in flow. If we are constantly on, caught up in doing, super busy with no time for our self well then you know what happens. You lose connection. Your intuition is always on but it gets harder and harder to hear it. No time out is akin to surrounding yourself in your own self made container. You are stuck in it.

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Inner wisdom - review and reflect

ntuition is a great source of inspiration, clarity and insight especially when we are in times of transition and change such as an end of the year.   Inherent in the idea of accessing our intuition is the idea that we are listening to our own self, no one else. A key part of this listening is

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Inner wisdom - perfect practice

I work on the assumption that we always have our intuition available to us. The challenge for most including myself is tuning in-especially in distracting environments like a workplace or meeting. To develop a sense of our intuition and know when it's working or not working for us is key.  Inherent with our human condition is that we will never be perfect. However giving it a go and trying will always send us in the right direction.

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Inner wisdom - reflective walking

Walking in general is an excellent form of exercise for maintaining well being both physically and mentally. This is a researched fact.

Reflective walking takes this everyday means of transport to another level and enables you to access your inner wisdom better.  For some of us this approach is easier than meditation and reflection sitting. Many will find the physical movement and focus on this movement a good way to distract our mind from taking over.

In reflective walking there are different levels you can explore.

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Inner wisdom - tune in

Tune in. Check in.

The key word here is IN.  Yes IN.  The only way to know your own inner wisdom is to turn in. Easier said than done, right?  Well here’s a simple way to play with the idea of turning in.

We all walk around with thoughts in our head. I would guess that these thoughts are a myriad of your ideas, input from others, stories, shoulds, should not’s. You get the picture. Somewhere inside of all this noise is a voice wanting to be heard – YOUR VOICE! 

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Inner wisdom - 'pre-meditate'

Pre-meditate is a useful approach whenever you are about to engage in an exchange with another person. For example you might have an important business meeting, a performance review or other engagement.  The aim is to show up confidently and authentically.

To pre-meditate is to take a moment to relax, reflect and focus before you meet.  The key is focusing on your inner experience before you jump into the outer experience.

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