Inner wisdom - review and reflect

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Intuition is a great source of inspiration, clarity and insight especially when we are in times of transition and change such as an end of the year.   Inherent in the idea of accessing our intuition is the idea that we are listening to our own self, no one else. A key part of this listening is reflection with the intent of noticing and understanding. We can seek meaning. We can seek answers.  We don’t have to go anywhere outside of ourselves. So to reflect and review is actually efficient, portable, practical and easy to do. We can do this anywhere at anytime. 

My suggestion for you this time of year is to step out of your normal daily routine so you can reflect and review your year.  Why? So that you can acknowledge and honour your journey and also set a foundation for where you wish to go forward.   I would like to encourage and invite you to do this review intuitively.

So before I even suggest a method or a way ask yourself this question:

What method or approach can I use to review/reflect on my year that will be most supportive of me going forward?

Note what you immediate get as an answer.

You may wish to also consider a few other factors.

  • Choose an environment conducive to reflection where you can relax undisturbed without limit of your time.
  • Approach the process with genuine curiosity and no preconceived ideas.
  • Set an intent before your start.
  • Follow whatever process works for you to connect to your intuitive self.
  • Review and reflect from a place where you feel you are connected to a higher knowing.
  • Consider multiple ways of recording, noting or expressing your self in the review.

Reviewing your year through your intuition means letting go of judgement and moving into acceptance, objectivity and love. You are seeing your life as a learning experience.  You are seeing your ups and downs as experiences that are not bad nor good but are what they are.   

Take time to ask yourself these questions:

  • What matters to me in this time of transition?
  • What can I let go of that no longer serves me?
  • What would I like to create going forward?
  • What strengths have I further developed that I can now apply going forward?
  • What of all I see brought me the most joy?
  • How can I sustain this joy going forward?
  • What challenged me?
  • What can I do to work with challenges going forward?

Now once you have this information it is time to take it further.  Sit with your answers. Take the ones that stand out to you the most.  Reflect further on these answers and see what else comes up.  As you drill down to the core of what you know you will find the following.  Your ultimate answers are simple, direct and clear. It is then that you know you are intuitively complete.