Time to Reflect


It is a time of year when we all stop, reflect and review. I am fully aware of the endings and beginnings upon us. I also feel the buzz, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.  For me this year it is one of returning to my old home for a family visit.  I am not sure about you but for me I am of two countries. Born in Australia, raised in the USA, returned to Australia. Being of two cultures I experience holidays and other events differently. At times I long for the nostalgia of old. At other times I am thrilled with where I am now. It is a winding road of intertwining emotions, memories and experiences.

Time to reflect

This year is about to end and a new one excitingly approaches. We turn the last page of the calendar, cross off the final days of the month, the year. Time is literally passing by.  So it is in this context that I reflect. I reflect on so much it almost explodes my mind.  I also sit and feel. I feel what is in my heart. I notice the two connecting.  I am real in acknowledging the painful moments. I am also real in noticing the fun and happy moments.  Then I go deeper and ask myself this question as the grounding anchor for all the ups and downs and change - What brings me the most joy and how do I sustain this joy going forward?

I ask this question sincerely with depth and meaning. I ask this question as well from a light hearted place.  In one moment it might be a song, a conversation, a photo. In another moment it might be a special moment shared with family. I even have in there joyful moments with clients. For you see the whole of me is engaged with this world. The whole of me is seeking joy in all my pursuits.

So I breathe in. I breathe out a big sigh of relief. For me it can be simple. It can be as simple sometimes as smiling at the world around me. When I stop to notice and appreciate what I am creating I truly feel the joy.

From expectation to creation

What I also notice is how much expectation can get in the way. There is such a difference between expectation and creation. With expectation we impose standards, guidelines, benchmarks. We say to ourselves if I don’t then I won’t.  I would rather work with intent and creation. I would rather put it out there that I am creating and dreaming what I want in my life and work.  

Ok so this sounds a bit out there. But it is not. It is simply an attitude, an approach.  In one shift of conscious perception I can choose to feel empowered or not. I choose to feel empowered.  Ok I choose to BE empowered.

Time of possibilities

Why is this such an important reflection for this newsletter? Well we are turning the page of another year soon. We are celebrating and remembering our journey. We are sharing in the holiday season with others.  What  a perfect time to truly set and establish a foundation for how you want to create going forward. No matter what happened so far. No matter where you have been. No matter what didn’t work or failed. It is a brilliant time to truly recommit to where you want to go and set your heart in that direction.

I sit here reflecting. I sit her wondering. What is possible? What is probable? What can I create? What can WE collectively create?

Then I smile to myself. Take another deep breath and let it out. I align myself with this thought and know that each day coming is another opportunity. This moment now is the start.

So I write this note to you wishing you a reflective and inspiring end of your year. I wish you a joyful and fun celebration of the holidays.

Jenn Shallvey