Inner wisdom - Heart Breath

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Each month I would like to share with you an exercise, practical way you can access your own knowing. I want to help you find ways to work and live where you can trust yourself, have clarity and be confident.

One of the biggest challenges with connecting to your intuition is staying connected. A key to being inner connected and self aware is establishing a receptive state.  This step is not always easy.  We quickly get pulled out of our self.  There are so many distractions, realities to face and even self sabotaging mechanisms getting in the way.  Yet once you know the feeling of being connected to your intuitive self you want to sustain the connection. Ideally it would be great to be ‘tuned in’ as I say 24x7 but we are not perfect.
There is no place where our intuitive self resides. However if we want to create a link to our presence then the heart is the centre of our being. It is both a physical and metaphorical centre.  If we don’t have a heart we are not alive.  Likewise having heart is about being loving, caring, wise and accepting. These qualities are all aspects of intuition.  What I find is that when we associate our centre with our heart we can connect into this place to be connected into the core of who we are.
So what do I do?


Well I simply choose to go within.  I do this anywhere and everywhere. I could be on a bus or a bench in a park or the chair in front of my desk. It does not matter where as long as I can create a few moments to take a break and connect. I ensure that I am not to be disturbed. If I have to I put my earphones on so someone might not enter into conversation.   Then if I can I also close my eyes.  This is not always possible but definitely helps. 


Then I hold the intent of connecting to my heart.  I also may visualize (because I am a visual person) my heart centre as an abstract image, colour etc.


I then consciously pay attention to my breath.


As I do I imagine my breath is going in and out of my heart.  So I am sitting peacefully without being disturbed. I am breathing consciously and evenly. I am seeing my heart as the centre of my being filling up with my breath and then releasing.  I also see my heart expand as the breath flows through it.


Now just doing this is already enough to calm me, centre me and orient me.  Yet to access my intuition I go another step. I smile and imagine that I am seeing my ‘intuitive self’ within my heart. I create an image that works for me. This gives me a rich experience of inner knowing all triggered from my connection to the heart and breath.
When I am done, and this may only be 5 minutes, I see my heart holding the connection. I see myself returning to me in my day to day. If it doesn’t feel good then I know I didn’t connect. I try again later in a different place, different space.