Inner wisdom - judgment free

The number one barrier I find people have to believing or trusting their own inner wisdom is acceptance.  Despite brilliant insight, quick feedback or clear vision we cascade down a waterfall of judgment, evaluation and discounting.  We can't help it. We are trained to do so. Being the analyst is a valued skill.  Yet when we use our intuition to access that part within us that 'knows' we need to nurture and support our inner voice not squash it.

Identify the focal point of your issue.

The typical scenario is we have a problem, challenge, question, decision or some other stopping point in our life or work.  We are forced to pause for an answer or at least a direction. If we are using our intuition we can get in our receptive state (heart connection etc) and then float the question, thought or issue in our consciousness.

Notice what comes up

Then we take notice. The first thing that comes up will usually be what is right for us at this time. There may be more but it is what comes up right now that matters. It will also be direct, to the point, clear, supportive and helpful. Depending on the situation it still may be a challenging action but it will feel right.

Accept first, stop next, redirect back

The step to avoid or self manage is the one that often follows-critical judgement.  First accept and acknowledge internally that your inner judge is present. Then consciously stop yourself continuing with the judgment.  If not sufficient or still doesn't feel right then redirect to another relevant question that keeps the inner dialogue going.

Accessing your inner wisdom isn't one way.  Sometimes the answer will be short and quick. Sometimes it will have a few layers to it.  No matter what you will know what is right and what is complete.

An example

For example lets say you are going into a meeting. You want to raise an issue and notice that two of three key people are in the room but the third is not. Your brain tells you that this could be an opportune moment to politically influence those in the room.

But something else also gives you the feeling of needing to check in. So you pause, connect in and ask 'is this the right time to talk about my issue?"  You will either get an instant no or yes in whatever way that registers for you personally.  The response that follows is the one you will need to manage. If you got no but you want to still talk then check in again for more depth "Why am I feeling this way about no?"  Let's pretend you get the answer instantly "Too emotional" or maybe "Not balanced". You may get more but basically the gist of the process is to not judge but accept.  Then check in for more rather than dismiss.


The trick to judgement free then is first acceptance of your answer and moving on. Second is asking another intuitive question to check in about your response.

Of course there is more to the experience and what works for you will be personal to you. So start noticing and working without depending on your judge.