Inner wisdom - nature time out

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Our intuition flows when we are in flow. If we are constantly on, caught up in doing, super busy with no time for our self well then you know what happens. You lose connection. Your intuition is always on but it gets harder and harder to hear it. No time out is akin to surrounding yourself in your own self made container. You are stuck in it.

If your intuition is to be in flow and you are going to be successful you need to take time out to nurture yourself.  If you take time out then when you return to your work you are refreshed, refocused and reconnected. Not only do you feel better you are doing your work because you want to and enjoy it not because you have to.

Time out is limited only by our imaginations.  As our imaginations are fueled by our connection to our intuition there is a link here.  So start small and work yourself up to a practice.

The ultimate time out is in nature. Time in nature rebalances, grounds and energises our core, our essence.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Walk around the block at work.
  • Find a patch of grass and sit in it. Take your shoes off and walk on the ground.
  • Sit under a tree.
  • Have your lunch near the water or in a park. Skip the cafe.
  • Find a park and lie in the grass.
  • Go for a walk along the harbour, river or whatever water you have nearby.
  • Ride your bike even if it is just around the block.
  • Swim for fun. Whether the local pool or beach get in the water.

It doesn't matter what you can or can't do. What matters is that you take the time out and find an outlet that works for you. Change it up. Create variety. Or if you prefer have a routine. You know your own preference so follow it.

A personal note:  I have found recently that I prefer more active outlets. For a long time I was content having a nature break sitting under a tree or taking a stroll. Of late I crave a swim or even now a bike ride.  I share this with you to show that one way is not the only way. The key is to always notice what works and if not working try something new.