Inner wisdom - stop watch

Intuition can sometimes seem evasive. When we want it to work it doesn't. Then when we least expect it the flash of insight comes to us easily and clearly.  The challenge is to trick ourselves into letting it flow all the time as if we are not trying.  How do we do this? We stop and watch.  Yes two things here.

Firstly stop. By stop I mean pause, slow down and completely come to a halt in your day, your task your experience. It does not have to be long, just a real and genuine stopping of what you are doing.  To stop I mean also stopping in your thinking. This sounds like meditation but it is not. It is simply clearing your thoughts. So focus on something that enables this while you stop.

Then watch. Watch the reactions and experiences that come up for you personally. It could be what you see, feel, know etc.  Essentially whatever comes up for you is an opportunity to explore and seek an answer. It is kind of like a game.

So for example let's say you are about to go to a meeting. You are unsure of what approach you are going to take with a key person who is also attending. Up until now you have strategised, planned and logically worked out the steps you will take.  But as you approach the meeting you can feel the anxiety in you. Something is not right.

Stop.  Stop somewhere for some moment of time. Stop your thinking about the problem. Just connect into the situation you are about to be in and ask. Ask a simple question like what is it that I know inside of me that I need to pay attention to right now.

Watch. Watch what comes up in your immediate reaction. Watch what happens to your state and your being. Watch what changes within you.  Then explore that until something comes up that feels right. If nothing comes up then just set yourself the intent to notice when it does come up. The key is you created the moment of focus and gave yourself permission to know what is within you.

This may seem too simple on the surface. Yet as you hone the above idea with your own style and approach you can develop a smooth and streamlined way to gain clarity when you really need it.