Inner wisdom - tune in

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Tune in. Check in.

The key word here is IN.  Yes IN.  The only way to know your own inner wisdom is to turn in. Easier said than done, right?  Well here’s a simple way to play with the idea of turning in.

We all walk around with thoughts in our head. I would guess that these thoughts are a myriad of your ideas, input from others, stories, shoulds, should not’s. You get the picture. Somewhere inside of all this noise is a voice wanting to be heard – YOUR VOICE!  I know you probably remember a time when you listened to yourself. Probably back when you were 4 years old.  Pressure from the external world tends to dilute and dampen our hearing as we 'mature'.

To start hearing your own voice requires patience and persistence. Yet it is so simple.  


Well when you want to know what your voice says, what your own inner wisdom says start with asking. Simply ask your self a question.

Then here’s the key. Take note of the VERY FIRST response. Whether this response is something you sense, see in your minds eye, hear in your head, think in  your thoughts or simply just know. This very first response is your voice trying to talk to you.

There are other levels of discernment to develop. There also is work to do to determine your preferred way of conversing. Yet asking the question or saying something is the first step in starting the conversation. Ask and listen.

So I will send you off with that idea to play with and experiment with until next month.

Have fun and happy listening!