Inner wisdom - perfect practice

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I work on the assumption that we always have our intuition available to us. The challenge for most including myself is tuning in-especially in distracting environments like a workplace or meeting. To develop a sense of our intuition and know when it's working or not working for us is key.  Inherent with our human condition is that we will never be perfect. However giving it a go and trying will always send us in the right direction.  So rather than trying to be perfect I suggest you aim for perfection in practicing. By this I mean assume you are not always going to get it right but at least you don't give up.

Even those who have dedicated much time and attention to honing their intuition have blocks. Such blocks can be for a variety of reasons. Important for practice is to acknowledge these blocks rather than judge them or become frustrated by them, the later being a more likely outcome for some.

In addition each person brings to the experience a different set of strengths and challenges. For example if you are already an established meditator then connecting to your intuition will likely be easier. If you are heavily self critical or prone to self sabbotage then you might get in your own way.  Sometimes we over think what can be a simple and easy process. The connection might just work if we let it happen and flow.

Lastly there is no need to ever ever ever compare yourself to others in your way or your practice. We are each unique in our approach. We each are at different stages of development. It is helpful to gain insight from others' experience and try out.

So here are a few tips to help you find a way to 'perfectly practice' that suits you:

  • Take a break. If you try to tune in and you don't get anything stop trying. Do something else. Then try again later.
  • Try a different approach. Maybe you need to access your intuition using another approach. There are many approaches and one might do the trick.
  • Phone a friend. Yes. Sometimes you might just need the support of an objective friend to kick you out of your block. Give them permission to ask you questions. Of course it helps to select someone who understands how to do this.
  • List and ditch.  When it's our mind that is in the way it may help to write down what's bugging you. List all your thoughts and then toss the list. Start again.
  • Relocate.  It may be the environment. Try another physical location that is different. If it feels right probably is right.
  • Externalise. Our intuitive experience originates from our internal experience. Step it up and speak, write or even act to get the expression right. The last one could be fun if you are inclined :-)
  • Get physical. Ok not like Olivia, but more like a person with movement. Get up and do something to shake your body. Dance, walk, run or whatever helps you change your focus at a body level.

There are other ideas. For now enjoy these suggestions.

I hope that this tip helps you stay on the path to developing and increasing the quality and consistency of your intuitive connection.