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Being the authentic you
The key to being authentic is to know your self.

To know your self you have to make time to be in relationship with your self.

Being authentic implies a lot.  Firstly it implies a sense of presence. You need to be present to be.  Then there is an element of uniqueness to it. Who else can be you but you?  What makes you, you?  

Ultimately being authentic is an active evolving process, not a static destination you attain.

So in the spirit of working with you on the journey to your true self I am writing a few posts on authenticity.  This one starts with some framing and context from which I will share with you some more specific and practical ways to develop.

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Is your life all a do-over fantasy?

A thought came to me the other day as I sat watching a friend nurse her six week old baby.  What would life be like if, at any time we wanted, we could press a button and restart? That’s it. Like a computer game that is clearly going nowhere, we could just go back to the beginning and start again.  I started wondering first of all if I had this option how far back would I go. Then I also thought would I even do it if I could?

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