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Jenn's main blog

Are you for real?

Jenn Shallvey

Are you for real?

How do I know when I meet you that I am meeting the real you?  What signals, evidence do you provide that  lets me know I am really meeting you, not just a persona or a creation you want me to meet.

© Jenn Shallvey

Are you for real?

When you say what you say it would be nice if you mean what you say.  Words can be spoken and shared without much conscious thought.  What you say can flow out of your mouth, right past your own self awareness, landing in another persons field of intake.  When a fellow human being takes in what you say then this person is the one who needs to decide what is real and what is not.  You will not tell. You will not explain when you are pretending to be something you are not.

Are you for real?

It happens sometimes, you say one thing, do another. Such an action once makes no difference. Done a few times maybe a let down. Done all the time perhaps even a character flaw.  You let down your self and others by never being consistent with the person that you are on the inside.  Falsely promising to go where inside you never intended.  Words not matching actions creating a multitude of let downs.

Are you for real?

Your emotions betray you. You stand in front of your peers wishing more than anything to be in another place. Yet crumbling beneath the surface your anger gives away a secret. You are not happy. You do not like the way the situation goes.  You stifle, you repress, you hold back, only to discover later that the tail of the angry beast snaps someone you love.  No longer are you sure who is right, the person you pretend to be for the benefit of others or the one on the inside raging against the world.

Are you for real?

Maintaining the status quo again.  Keeping up with your neighbours.  Doing what the people you follow tell you to do.  Hiding in the masses makes life easy.  No one to blame. No need to fully tap into your talent or skills.  Coasting along, no worries, well at least until you realise your frustration, boredom and anciness as you perpetuate the group norm one more day. There must be another way to do things in this world, you scream inside.

Are you for real?

You read this page of words. The words strike a chord, hit a deep resonant note within you. Yet you take no action. In fact you try to resist by running away from the ideas, thoughts and notions creeping up inside.  The trick is that once unleashed the real you does not give in nor go back into hiding.  Be prepared. You are about to get a taste of what it truly means to be real.  It’s time.