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Changing lives, not homes



At risk of homelessness.

As readers of this blog you may find it strange for me to mention these words.  These words likely do not describe your circumstances.  You may not know
someone who fits the above description. You may not even
realize that
there are people in your community who are marginalized, lacking in
resources and homeless. Yet you are more than likely someone who is in a position to actually do something about these words. In fact you are more than likely to be an inspired individual who wants to make a difference where it REALLY matters.

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Finding myself in wonderland

I sit here as always searching for the answers to the age old question “Who am I?”  Where do I seek?  Not where you would think I would find me, that is here, where I am. No I sometimes seek myself outside of me.  What a strange illogical concept and act.  Yet here is how I do it.

"Just a quick look", she says...DSCN2387_2

It starts innocently. You know, an email pops into my inbox. Next thing I am reading and come across a link. The link seems to be a worthwhile place to visit. Since it only takes a click of my mouse, well then why not?  What harm is there in a quick look.  So off I go to another new place in the depths of the internet.  All the while I am sitting comfortably at my desk, mindful that I am still here.I get to a website and immediately see the professionalism, style, intriguing and inviting graphics.  Links and tabs call me to go further. The words seem to jump out of the screen and surround me with intoxicating trance-like messages. Slowly I begin to lose a sense of me and feel more of a sense of we.

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Rebalancing perspective

After a bit of a break I am back to the blog.  My initial burst of activity reflected 1) pent up need to write and 2) overactive enthusiasm.  Neither is sustainable, hence the break.  What follows is more a random reflection, yet there are some points to make that I believe will get you to think, act and perhaps change.

So what happened, what did I notice while on my writing break?

Well for one thing the world fell apart. At least to many it seems to have crumbled, collapsed pushed down all barriers and pried cracks wide open. I sat and watched from the sidelines.  I am affected, many people I know are affected, many more I do not know are affected.  Ultimately we are ALL affected whether indirectly or directly.

When our neighbour or friend has a sudden change in their world nothing is the way it seemed.  The panic that has gripped the financial markets is now opening up many people.  Many of us who have not experienced life as hard, or difficult are being tested.  Did they ask for this? I am not sure.  Some will cast stones and say yes. Some already have pointed the finger of blame.  Some have tried to be one better by saying well I told you so.

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ReflectionsJenn Shallvey

I notice a lot how we are marketed to through billboards on the roads we travel. What stands out to me these days are not the flashy photos, the big glaring signs as wide as a building, the half naked partying people enjoying alcohol saying if I drink this I will have fun too.

No what seems to be catching my eye of late are the statements posted up manually on the various church noticeboards. Who chooses these statements? Where do they come from? Sometimes they are of course religious - well these are churches putting the message out there. I seem however to be drawn to the more generic messages as if they were my own mind speaking out to me. So in today's post I would like to include a couple that had particular meaning for me based on observations of people I meet and conversations I have had of late.

Bulletin board 1 said "Never give up. It may be just the time the tide turns."

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ReflectionsJenn Shallvey
Patience for the patient

Today I spent a good part of my afternoon in the waiting room of a hospital clinic. My purpose was to take my son for his after care appointment following the broken collarbone experience a week ago. I write about this as a work related post for two reasons. The hospital is a workplace that we all take for granted. The people who are patients also work or rely on others who work for their livelihood.

So in this context who has priority.

In the post regarding my visit to emergency the priority system is a given – triage. Clearly we would like to ensure that the patient that is most critical is looked after immediately, especially if it is a matter of life or death.

But what happens when it is no longer about life or death and more about convenience, timing, understanding the system, managing yourself. This is what I observed today. I also experienced my own learning journey in the process leading up and being part of the visit.

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Behind the curtain is another curtain

Many people I meet want to know where they are headed, what is going to happen next. These people seem to get fixated on the future at the expense of the present.

So I reflected further on this concept today.

A blocked view

Our life is like a series of curtains blocking our view. What we see in front of us, in our view now, is all that we can see. Yet when you finally move the curtain what happens? A new curtain appears. Why because you have reached the next stage of your journey, whatever it is that you are seeking.

On another level, you can push through the present moment only to end up in another present moment.

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Take care

We stumble through life sometimes not paying attention to what is happening right now.  What if you were to stop and look around. Would you see the world any differently?

Let's go there...


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Happy end of the financial year

If you live in Australia you can't escape the focus on the end of the financial year - 30 June. People I meet relate to this date differently depending on their circumstances.

Dates with meaning

Having been in the accounting profession earlier in my career, I find that dates such as 30 June, 31 March, 30 September and 31 December all have extra meaning.  To most business people these dates mean something - usually extra reporting, focus and review of position. Strategic financial planning will make good use of timing around these dates.  It also is a chance to take stock, kind of a report card for business.  On a personal level the same meaning can exist for our tax position, budgets and finances.

Get into the spirit

So while I relate to and appreciate the mindset o

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Let go...

Having a profound and reflective evening.

Give yourself permission to let go. Let go of your...

  • stress
  • attachments
  • addictions
  • compulsions
  • obsessions
  • worries
  • bad habits
  • negative beliefs
  • old ways
  • need for control
  • old stories
  • burdens
  • blocks
  • blindspots
  • fear
  • judgement
  • bottled up emotions
  • perfectionism
  • dependency on others
  • the struggle in life

Welcome the possibility to grow and develop.

Let's go there...


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