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It takes two to have a deal making conversation

Ok, I need to share with you a conversationI observed the other day.  I alsodisclaim up front that my judgement metre was on high alert.

I was at a restaurant waiting to meetsomeone for dinner.  A meeting wascancelled at the last minute so I had extra time to enjoy a glass (or two) ofwine in the outdoor area next to Sydney harbour.





As I sat there a group of four businessmen arrivedand sat at a table two over from me. This seemed to be a serious meetingbetween four people. They all sat down to drinks.  It was so serious that they all kept theirjackets on.  I presumed a businessdevelopment meeting.

I was going to ignore them and enjoy somewriting up of notes from my day when I started to hear them talking. I couldnot help but listen, especially to the large bellowing voice of the man in thecentre of the conversation, the “Visitor”. The Visitor spoke so loud that I am sure you could hear him across Sydney Harbour to Luna Park.

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People you know can be angels too

I have had the most remarkable experience over the past few weeks in regard to people helping me.  I must write about this as an example of how the world can work if we want it to.

Basic business

Most exchanges that take place in the business world are purely commercial, ie money changes hands and the person providing the service or goods pays for what they get.  At another level such services and goods are also donated in a philanthropic gesture of good will to support those in need or less fortunate.

A different type of business

The missing exchange, the one I find rare in commodity, is the exchange of services and goods to assist another person who is equal to you in the business world without expecting money in return. Now some would cynically say, oh this is simply bartering. And yes I would agree that there are many systems in place equivalent to bartering.

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It is business AND it is personal

I attended a meeting tonight with lots of discussion on what people want to talk about.  There is a perception that senior businesspeople only want to talk business, finance etc.

Then I reflected on other environments where I meet such people - eg weekend sports, social get togethers. I also have fresh in my mind a lunch I attended Sunday.

What stood out to me about the assumption and the reality is that senior business people want to talk about more than just business.  In fact it was refreshing for a change not to get into the 'what you do for a living' conversation until 3 hours later in the lunch!

From personal to business

As a result on Sunday I got to know more about people from a personal level before I learned about them in the business world.  I enjoyed this perspective. When I then found out about their work I had an entirely different perspective.  I did not see their introduction of work as a role, or a position but as an expression of who they are in their life journey right now.

So I return to this evenings conversation and my reflection on the contrast.  Some points I note that I would like to put out there for you to consider.

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