You are not alone

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Rest assured you are not alone.  You walk along and pass your day thinking to yourself no one else is out there like me, right? No one really gets me. It can be frustrating, downright annoying even.  To feel alone amongst so many is not what you signed up for.

Lost in distraction
What is it this feeling of being alone? Where does this come from?  Is it inside of you? Is it of your own making? Or is it of some others' making.  Many times when alone we can walk out and blame the rest of the world for not understand nor getting us. We can reject outwards the disillusionment and distraction away from self. It is easier isn’t it to say I am the way I am because of someone or others.  When we feel alone, it is often because we focus so much on our differences. We compare ourselves to others, to standard-bearers, to expectation-setters. We walk around with a million 'shoulds' in our heads saying I am not like this or that.

Stop now and see differently
Well today is a chance for you to stop this nonsense. Yes I am going to call it nonsense. I am sharing with you a bit of a knock in the head. You are not alone. There is at least one person out there in this world who will or already does get you. There is a person, and likely many more, who understand you. As you walk this earth and travel through your day you will find them. You will see them.  At some point when the time is right,  you will cross paths.

But how do you get to this place?  You have to be open.  You have to trust.  You have to believe that you are NOT alone. Believe yes there are others out there just like you who get you.   There are others who understand you, who feel like you feel,  who see like you see and who know like you know.  It is really only a matter of time.

Begin with you
In the meantime, while you are waiting and allowing serendipity and synchronicity to wind themselves together and wrap you up in their grasp, you can start with you. You can always start with you.  You can always take time out to understand you, to listen to you, to hear you. You always have you with you wherever you go.

So start now with the dialogue, the conversation the learning. Who are you? Who are you really? What is it that you really stand for? What is it that you value? What is important for you? Do you know?  Let go of borrowing ideas and ways from others and discover your own. Resist the temptation to quote others as the expert to validate you. You do know something and are likely already an expert. Well at least you are an expert in you. I guarantee that. But if you do not devote the time and attention to you how will you ever be this expert in you?

This is not a selfish journey but a selfless one. For until you are able to say I understand me, I get me, I know me how can you offer yourself out into the world authentically and truly meet others that share in who you are who get and understand you.

Just around the corner...
As you begin to play with the fun of finding you, others will also find you. There is the expression 'like-minded’ for a reason. Not so that you are all copycats or cliques at the exclusion of others. No this is not the intention. It is more about finding others along the way who are like mirrors and reflectors of what makes you special, unique and great. For when you see the way they express themselves from a common place of understanding  you will see you.

Meet others as equals. Meet others in curiosity. Meet others and see both them and you. Most of all meet to discover what you share not what makes you different. You may discover far more than you ever imagined.

Now you are no longer alone. You have you. And when you are you others will be there with you.

[PS.  I write today inspired by the gift of new friendship that feels timeless and comfortable as well as old friendships that stays true and real.]

Feedback welcome!
Over to you. I would love to hear from you on how you got on with the above. Please feel free to send me a note or connect with me further.


Jenn Shallvey