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Thinking about your thoughts

Have you ever thought about your thoughts? Do you ever wonder where they come from? We talk about our inner voice yet where does this inner voice reside?

I don’t presuppose to have the answer. All I know is that there IS this voice. In fact there might even at times seem like more than one.   Inside of our head the thoughts spiral around from deep and reflective to mundane. They can be distracting and helpful. 

Yet when we think about our thoughts something happens. We give attention to them. When we give attention then they become more formidable, real and accessible.

So then it seems to me it is important that we CHOOSE the thoughts we think about, right?  For if we let our thoughts spiral out of control, or we let the ones that do not support us take over, well then that is not much fun. Well at least I don’t think so.


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