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Meaningful twitter

A social phenomenon is spreading across the globe – at least the technically connected part.  Reading this blog means that you are at least part of the 1,463,632,361 million people (21.9% of the global population) with internet access. However, are you one of the estimated 3.4 million users now using Twitter? If so then keep reading. If not, then after reading this post, go to, get an account and see what all this growth is about. 

The purpose of this posting is to have a fun and humorous comment (actually thought piece/essay!) on Twitter from a new person’s point of view. Ultimately I would like you to consider the deeper more meaningful aspects of this powerful social network.  I also would like to acknowledge the amazing network of experts in the Twitter universe who dedicate themselves to helping people like me learn how to navigate in this new world.  When engaged appropriately a social network can be valuable for whatever you intend it to do for you. 

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