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Is there integrity in your work?

What happened to integrity in business?

In many industries integrity has gone away.

Integrity is about being true to our selves.  On a larger scale it is about being true to the people with whom we work and serve both internally and externally. It is about doing what we say we do, delivering on our promises. Integrity is about concern for and inclusion of all. It is not necessarily about unified agreement but it is about a willingness to support one another with consultation. Integrity is about remembering the human element in what we do.

In the decline of integrity, business...

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Business advice the intuitive way

I was in a cafe the other day. (Yes, I know many blog posts start with this statement, but it’s true).  I was enjoying my late lunch when suddenly a man with a booming voice stood behind me talking to another man.  All I could do was stay focused on my meal to avoid jumping in the conversation. Only the conversation was not a conversation. It was a one way diatribe of advice from a seemingly more experienced businessman to another who he perceived to be lacking.  Let’s call the experienced businessman Mr Old and the other Mr New.


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Business is also about how you know, not just what or who you know

I invite you to open your mind, clear away your judgements, strip down any preconceived notions.  

Have you done this yet?

Not easy is it!

To tell anyone to not think critically and not evaluate every thought is challenging.

Yet I am going to encourage you to pause and take a break for a moment. I promise you can get back to your regular ways and habits in a few minutes.

Three questions

I want to ask you three questions.

Do you know?

Do you know what you know?

Do you know how to access what you know?

Now I bet you said yes.  Because we all know something don’t we?

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