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Out of the writing closet

I write because I love to write.  I have something to say.  For many years though this voice remained silent, restrained and contained in a myriad of diaries, notebooks and computer journal entries.  I have boxes and boxes of writing reflecting the stop and start meanderings of my heart, mind and soul.

Back in June 2008 I courageously (to me at least) created this blog and made my first post "Be a dreamer who's down to earth" . It was a momentous occasion, even though no one celebrated except me.  Up until then I did not know how to get my words out of me for others to benefit.  I also felt a sense of ‘who am I to be a writer?”  But I am a writer, at least a closet writer trying to open the door to author in this lifetime. 

A celebration party for one

LUkefootball1I still remember opening the door.  After a bit of editing and reviewing I pushed the publish button. At that moment a surge of energy exploded inside of me. I jumped out of my chair, yelled something and put both my hands in the air. 

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