001 Authenticity - What it is and what it is not (Podcast show notes)

© Jenn Shallvey

© Jenn Shallvey

Delve into the topic of authenticity and reflect on what it means for you. Authenticity is a big topic to delve into with assumptions that lead us into doing things we may or may not really want to do. Jenn defines authenticity in her own way, considers why it matters, talks about ways to be authentic, helps you know when you are being authentic and why it is not an excuse.

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Show notes - topics 


Connecting to you

Authenticity and the connotations of a word

Jenn's definition

  • Self-awareness

  • Self-confidence

  • Self-disclosure

  • Integrity with self

  • Multilayered

What is your own definition of authenticity?

Ways you can be authentic

  • Actions

  • Decisions

  • Interactions

  • Communication

  • Expression

How do you know when you're being authentic?

Why are you being authentic?

  • Branding changes = iterations and evolution

  • Newsletters

  • Changes in me change interactions

  • Experimenting with vulnerability

  • Over to your world

  • Struggles and growth

Being me is not an excuse for any behaviour

  • Authentic by yourself

  • It's about me and you

What is your motivation for sharing in the excuse of being authentic?

  • A personal disconnect and learning

  • Being discerning by not sharing

  • On a professional level

  • Authentic through intuition

  • Serving the person and their journey is being me too

  • Questions are indirect ways of sharing

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