The Truth of Three (A poem)

I breathe in your love.
I breathe out my resistance.

I am here.
I am me.

I am being in the moment.

The world runs madly around me.
Circling, spiraling, yet still here.

I sit calmly in the eye.
Seeing only what I choose, what I want.

Selfish? No.
Loving? Yes.

My self. Me. You.

We three exist as one.
We three exist as three.

Why I do not know what I know.
Why I know what I do not know.

All is a muchness and the same.
We simply need to stop for a moment.

And see.
And see the truth.
The truth in me, the truth in you, the truth in we.

For this is love
This is being.
This is who I AM.


by Jenn Shallvey


Jenn Shallvey