Love wisdom for a modern world

© 2019 Photo courtesy of my daughter

© 2019 Photo courtesy of my daughter

We are all love. We are all the same. Uniquely expressed. We are all therefore love. And sane in this statement. It is not of fact in the way that the world defines love. For there is no study of love. We study science we study what we can measure without our rulers, our devices. In this way we only get one part of the picture, the story is incomplete. There is so much more. Each of us is so much more. 

It is a time in our history, world, societies and humanity to see so much more. This is love. We can see more in ourselves. Just as much as we can see more in others. It takes intention, willingness and effort of some description on everyone’s part to take this step of seeing love in all.  

This is the shared destiny of humanity. 

Let go of your ego. Let go of the filter that stops you. Let go of the barriers, the blocks within you. Feel. Give yourself permission to feel in your own heart, love. It can be so easy and so simple yet instead we are surrounded by anger, hate and so many other negative distracting ways and emotions. In the moment these may feel right yet in the long term do no service to each other. 

Now is a time to set our hearts free from the burden of the hatred. Now is our time to allow and invite kindness back in. And yes. And yes. It does start with each of us. Not somebody else. Not the person with the title that says I am in charge of love. There is no such person. We are each sharing in that responsibility. 

So here we are in a balancing act returning society, returning humanity to balance. It is time to swing the love out into the world, to sweep away the hate, to embrace all that we wish to wash and clean away so that the world can begin anew. Each day each moment each time we consciously remember to do this is a new opportunity to bring love into this world. 

Now many of you may hear or read this and wonder how, how is it possible? So much happening in this world, with so much pain, hate, hurt, angst, misery and I say how is it not possible? How is it not time? For this moment as you read this or listen to this remember it is in each and everyone’s power to choose love in every moment of every day for the rest of your life. From this point forward, you can choose love.

In choosing of love you choose to love yourself. 

Here is where it gets really amazing. Because when you choose to love yourself there is so much more of you then to love others. If you make a mistake, you fall off the love wagon, you can still love yourself. Before anybody else does.

Now this is a public service announcement on behalf of humanity. This is a message to those ready to listen and a reminder simply to choose today to bring love into the world whenever you can. There is so much more to you than you consciously know. Some eminent psychiatrists and students of human behaviour will say this is what is inside of us. But we don’t know where it comes from. That is why so many of us do not have a science of love nor do we measure it nor track it as we do with so many other things in our world. So today you can make your own science of love. You define it. You express it and bring it into this world for all of us to enjoy. 

These words are meant to be simple message to take in, enjoy, reflect on, feel and know.

With love.

Jenn Shallvey