The magic of acceptance

It is  just another day. The birds sing in chorus with the sun rising. People stir in their beds awaking to alarms.

Work beckons

School beckons.

Life calls us to join in.

The morning always brings  with it a new day, a new start a new beginning.

Yet we forget this gift too easily. Instead we drag and lumber through the night carrying yesterday's load. We don't let go, we hold on. We hold grudges, fail to forgive and focus on what challenges us in life.

It's easy isn't it. The world around us can at times be a disturbing cacophony of distraction.

If we see it this way...

What if we embraced all that life throws at us as an experience of being alive?

What if we savoured every moment as an opportunity?

What if we choose to be in the world  being who we are no matter what?

It just takes one secret magic ingredient...acceptance. Acceptance of self first then acceptance of others. Not for behaviours we may encounter that harm. But for being who we are, warts and all.

You see with acceptance comes peace.

Then with acceptance comes the ability to transmute anger, hate, sadness and pain into constructive change and response.

Ultimately what comes is love.

Love for life itself.

When we love life itself we love all.

We are many and one.

Jenn Shallvey