Find your joy spot

seated in heaven.jpg

I have had some writer’s block of late. Not the kind where you can’t write but where your writing is all over the place.  So to spare you the rambling meanderings of my overactive reflections I have not sent out the weekly message, until today.  Only today I want to share something different with you.  Rather than too many words I want to invite you to have an experience. This is something I hope you can find time to do over the weekend or when you have a spare moment by yourself in the week.

I invite you to stop what you are doing and be.

I invite you to take time out to simply be with yourself.

I invite you to find a place that supports you, nourishes you and restores you.

I invite you to give yourself the gift of time well spent taking care of you!


Simple. Find a place that makes you feel fantastic. I didn’t say just good, but FANTASTIC!  We are all drawn to these special magical places - whether a view of the ocean, a favourite walk in the park or a bench amongst a thriving city. Whatever it is for you it must be a place that fills you with joy, inspires you and connects you back to you from within.

Now in this place I don’t want you to DO anything. No journals, no talking, no minding the dog or kids. Just sitting and being. Simply be with what is around you. Smile. Appreciate. Love what you see and experience. No judgement. No criticism. Just acceptance and appreciation. Connect with why this place invokes within you a feeling of joy.

Then as you begin to feel the joy, begin to feel the happiness of your favourite special REAL place, bask in the joy. Yes BASK in the joy. Just let it fill you, wash over you, surround you. Let yourself be immersed in this amazing experience of unlimited joy that you have on tap.

Now when you have had enough in your really truly favourite place take your experience and feeling with you and hold onto it.

When you are then out and about in your day and you want to reconnect to this feeling just imagine you are at your special place. Yes even at work. Yes even with your family. Yes even when shopping and doing errands. Everywhere.

Soon you will realise that your joy spot is not a place outside of you but inside.  We just need to remember so it helps having a few ways to rediscover the connection.

OK now that you have stopped thinking I am crazy get on with it. Go find your moment and get some of your joy back!!!!!  You and everyone around you will love you for it.

Jenn Shallvey