Cremorne Point walk

I walk a bit these days around Cremorne Point. Classic Sydney and a place I have loved for the many years.  Finally got around to taking my camera. Even though once a local in this area it was fun to pretend to be a tourist (so unREAL for me). Having a big camera is almost like having a dog with you. People want to ask where you are from assuming you are a visitor and not a hobby photographer.  So I played along, cranking up the accent and enjoying the fun as if I just stepped off the airplane from the other side of the Pacific.  I did resist posing in my own photos.  Have to draw the line somewhere when pretending to be a tourist in your own town.   

Beautiful spot and always friendly people walking by who do something you rarely see – SMILE and say hello :-)

PS...I had some fun with a few changing effects and tints. Yet there are a few that are untouched and REALLY what you see. Amazing plant life.