Celebrate You!

At the end of the year the media tends to circulate stories in all formats listing the top experiences in a variety of categories for the year. You don’t have to go far to learn who wrote the best books, shared the best stories, made the most impact, etc.  The lists are mostly the opinions of ‘experts’ in an industry or a result of a fancy algorithm applied to some social media data.
But what if you don’t agree?  What if someone’s top 10 movie for 2015 was your worst? Or the book raved about online is something you would not even turn past the cover? Or the news stories you paid attention to were not the ones the media thinks matter?
The point is we are all individuals in a world that tries to bring uniformity.  We are also in a world where critics and judges cast their opinions wide and far.
So in this article what I want to celebrate is YOU and the uniqueness of all of us. I want to celebrate the top 10 things about you. My list however may not agree with yours. As it is your life and really your list I don't have much say so feel free to add editorial license. You also may look at my list and think you have more to add.  I hope so. The point is I am at least starting. I invite you to finish or rewrite by adding as many more as you can. Why stop at 10 when you could have 100?
Ok are you ready….
Your top ten list of achievements and experiences from 2015

  1. You made someone’s day by smiling at them and they smiled back. Even better you did this more than once.
  2. That phone call you had instead of another email exchange with an old friend the other day was just what the person needed at just the right time.
  3. Feeling emotional about some of the world events that shook the world meant you are alive, you are human, you have empathy.
  4. There were more good days at work than bad days and you actually like your job.
  5. Helping out your neighbours expecting nothing in return gave you a sense of real community.
  6. Attending a work function, you met a person who genuinely connected with you and did so without first thrusting a business card in your hand.
  7. Laughing out loud in public at a video online made you happy and not care what others think.    
  8. Finding meaning in your day in the small things you do gave you peace and serenity amidst the chaos of life.
  9. Looking in the mirror you were able to park aside the inner critic and ego and think to yourself you are actually not bad in fact you are pretty amazing.
  10. By connecting with people you don’t usually meet you realised that you have far more in common with other fellow human beings than might appear on the surface.

Ok so maybe this wasn’t the list you were expecting. It does not matter. For me it is a way to say to you that there are many ways to celebrate you.
So for 2015 I invite you to do so. I invite you as well to think of the top ten list of others you know well. Perhaps this might create a bit more understanding, peace and love so needed at this time of year.

And if this is not possible then cast your self back in time and see the world through the eyes of a child. You might just discover true joy in the process.

Jenn Shallvey