Paths of discovery

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We are all on paths of discovery.

We are all seeking to discover how to be true to ourselves, irrespective of the circumstances. No place makes this journey more unpredictable than work. When we embark on the path of work we are forever faced with challenges and opportunities to express and be ourselves. This discovery continues throughout our career as we encounter corporate culture, office politics, company policies, external regulatory requirements and a myriad of other externally set boundaries and parameters. Effectively we are surrounded by expectations about how we work, what we do, where we go and when we show up.

The company or the individual?

Likewise organisations grapple with how to instill a sense of culture and identity for a company as a whole whilst preserving employee individuality.  The examples of investment in development are testament to the commitment most companies make to raising the bar and lifting the experience for all in a workplace.   What is not under the domain of our workplace, whether corporate or independent consulting, is why we work and who we are at work.  We might think this is the case but ultimately these aspects of ourselves come from within. Only you as a leader, on your own or of others, know internal source of direction.

The answer is inside, not on a piece of paper

Group work environments can hinder or help the identification of and expression of leaders who know why they work and who they are at work.  A key to success are development options that accept and encourage without judgement and blame.   As a leader one can participate in every personality test, profile tool and 360 degree feedback experience on the market. Such tools are effective and provide avenues of insight.  For some these options are necessary to start the conversation. Yet ultimately the sense of who you are as a leader lies deeper within.   It is this leader that I work with - whether one to one or in a group. It is this leader, both independently and in a group, within a company or on your own, that is truly trying to figure out a more authentic, true to self path of leadership.

The key relationship

It is imperative that in business we enable leaders to create a sustainable, rewarding relationship with this aspect of self. Why? Because I want you and those you work with to be successful. I want people at work to create happiness and joy. Don't you feel better when you deal with others who are happy and not dragging you down?  What if you were that person?  I believe you can be this way. I believe everyone can if they really want to and choose to.

On the same journey, different awareness

Similar to you I am one to continue in this search. I am always seeking and therefore forever adjusting, tweaking, changing, growing.  When I look back I am a far different person than I was many years ago. In this time that passed though I did not change. I simply became more comfortable with who I am, I remembered me, I gained more confidence and clarity about what matters to me.  By doing this I am far better at helping others than when not.  And because I focus on this aspect of my work I love what I do!

Who and what do you really need to trust?

To get to this place though is a journey with varying ups and downs, duration and experience. No two paths are alike. Therefore no one answer nor single option is right for all. The key is to develop in a way that best supports and matches you. The ultimate key is to trust a deeper inner knowing or intuition, effectively trust yourself. Adding this element to the equation makes the difference in creating results that exceed expectations and reward all, not just one.  

It is in this context that I set out once again in a new evolved direction with my business. I look forward to further sharing with you, helping you be true to yourself and ultimately seeing you discover that your inner wisdom is the way.


Jenn Shallvey