Creating a better you starts with me

A few years ago I was asked to develop and facilitate a corporate program helping people respond to stress at work by focusing on creating well-being. For me the step seemed a natural progression following from years of studying a range of counselling, healing and other esoteric self care approaches.  I was also part way through a program learning to be a meditation facilitator.  I integrated both my personal experience and learning from teachers in the spirit of helping people respond to stress in the workplace by creating well-being.

Being someone who also subscribes to the belief that we teach what we need to learn most, I found on many occasions that I needed to heed my own advice. Perhaps this is part of the learning experience. We open up to new territory and life sends us a lesson or more.  

It was also at this time in my life when my mother passed away. Now I know this is not news for those of you who follow my work and know me.  I only share this point as a marker for a significant period in my life.  Despite all my learning, knowledge, practices and skills I felt knocked out on every level from this experience and the ensuing process of handling affairs.  To be really honest I think I have only just started coming good  recently.

The impact of this turn is that rather than focus on well-being I focused on coping. I turned myself away from everything in the world that previously supported me.  Yet despite all the ups and downs I found solace in friends, family and a team of helpers – coaches, healers, therapists etc.  Each person in my circle of self-care held the space I needed to do the work I did to process and heal.  I am still journeying through this new territory of self healing. Yet what I can say is that I am a very different person. Maybe not so much on the outside but de

finitely the inside.

I share this with you because many have mentioned to me the need to be more open about my experience. So in this context I am doing two things.

First. A personal blog.


I am starting a new blog where I share more about my personal journey, experiences and lessons learned.  This may or may not interest you. If it does then please feel free to visit the blog section of my website and subscribe.  The posts are to be more of

a personal nature and when I have the courage, I will be a lot more open and revealing. 

This is not a dance with my ego but an offering to help others with their healing. For what I have found most consistent in my own healing journey is knowing that everyone goes through such growth. When I hear other stories I feel less alone, less mired in the yuck. I also get inspired to focus on creating well-being.

I do find it ironic that in the middle of heading on the path of teaching well-being I seemed to have gone off the rails.  Maybe this is a lesson for all of us. Maybe we all need to pay more attention and remain vigilant in our lives so we maintain stronger foundations for living.

So stay tuned to the main page of my website and look out for this blog to go live.

Second. Sharing a helpful ebook with you.  

When I taught the course I mention above I created a guide and other resources to help participants.  This material has essentially sat hidden in the depths of my computer hard drive. As we head into the new year I thought I would at least pull this out and share it with you.

I wrote this guide in the context of delivering a workshop. So it is light on some information especially references. I read and learn a lot so over time information seems to integrate into my work and come out when it seems appropriate. So where you see things you would like to know more about send me a note and I will either be able to help clarify or point you in the right direction.

Given I am super conscious about these ups and downs I went back to this guide and realised that there are some good reminders.  So in the spirit of helping you in 2012, I am sharing the ebook titled “Create a Better You”.  

This is simply a gift to you. No catches or need to sign up or fill out a form.  You can download the ebook in PDF from this page. (Sorry not yet up to technical speed to produce it any other way) If you would like to share this with others please do. 

Jenn Shallvey