Be a giraffe and get what you want

What if you were a giraffe I said to someone the other day while driving near the zoo.  Aside from the un-REAL nature of this conversation and the fact that I would have a great view of the Sydney harbour I got REALly serious about the question.

So what about you?  If you were a giraffe what would I tell you?


Stick your neck out and you will obtain the lushest, most prized and desired part of the tree.  However don’t stay too long up in the trees reaping and taking these rewards or you will end up in the clouds out of touch with reality.


You need to drink water as much as you need to eat. This means dipping your head down to the ground. At this level you are with everyone else in reality.  You are the same.  You also must share what is available with all.


If however you stay down here too long you will unnaturally extend yourself and physically be challenged. You are not designed to be like this all the time.


You can choose when to use your gifts whether motivated by necessity, pleasure, desire or generousity.

If you are able to reach to the tops of the trees you are also able to reach to places others can not, or at least they think they can not.


For we all are limited sometimes by the physical reality to which we are born.  A rhinocerous would never think that it could get to the top of the tree to get the best leaves.  However if the rhinocerous cooperated with the giraffe he would.


So there are two parts to getting what you want.  Firstly you can reach and attain the prize and therefore can enjoy. Secondly you also can share what you have access to so that all may partake.


Let's go there...