I am just sharing the joy that it is Friday.

Friday is my favourite day / night of the week. What I do with this day has evolved over the years.

When I...

...started working as a professional out of university, Friday was the one night of the week I never worked.

...managed teams of people, Friday was the night I never expected my team to work.

...was young and single, Friday was about hanging out in pubs or bars with workmates and friends after a long week.

...I got married, Friday was about having some quality couple time.

...had kids, Friday was about being with the kids and not having any homework.

...I think about Friday's they seem to be about connecting with others and finding time to be with people that sustain you whether coworkers, partner or family.

So when is it my day. Every day.

I make time every day for me so that I can be present with the people I enjoy being with.

Let's go there...