Would you go across the universe

I just watched the musical movie Across the Universe. If you have not seen this film yet - rent it, clear your head and let it unfold in front of you as a piece of art on the screen. If you have seen it - watch it again.

The bonus of watching on DVD is that you get to understand and see first hand the raw originality and masterful creativity of the director, Julie Taymor.

An experience

Seeing this movie is an experience - especially depending on your age. For me, being a baby of the 60's I was too young to particpate. However the legacy always comes back to remind us of a generation of young people who actually stood up for their beliefs and changed the course of history.

A John Lennon insight

With so much change happening in the 60's, John Lennon's lyrics of the same titled Beatles song challenge us to believe that "nothing's gonna change my world". Whilst we can all have a personal inerpretation of lyrics these words inspire us to achieve a place in our minds and hearts where we stay true to ourselves.

Risking being true

A few examples of how this movie stays true include...

1. Julie Taymor demonstrates artistic risk and leadership.

2. The decision to cast lessor known actors as the main actors.

3. Lyrics from the Beatles music come alive with new meaning.

For me this movie is a great example of an artist raising the questions we need to ask ourself. Only we are 40 years later asking these questions about similar issues.

Ask yourself...

Below the political and artistic level of this movie, there are questions we can all ask ourselves.

- Do you say what you want to say - or pretend?

- Are you afraid of change, turn a blind eye, try to maintain the status quo - or challenge it for a better outcome?

- How much do you let the artist in you express him/her self?

- What risks are you prepared to take to stand up for your beliefs?

- Is the passion burning alive in you or just smoke from a smoldering ember?

Ultimately the real question is how do you as one person take risks in your life to make a difference in the world around you?

These are just a few questions but I am sure many more will come up as you watch.

I look forward to hearing from you about your experience.

Let's go there...


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