Three wise thoughts - Part Two: Enjoy the Present

 Enjoy the present


The double meaning of the word present is intentional.  You most likely have, are or will experience some form of gift giving and receiving at this time of year.  You also may be focused on being in the moment and enjoying
the spirit of the holidays.


The present can be about gifts AND the moment.


Focusing on this moment in time is actually a gift that you can give yourself.  The benefits of doing so are many.  Some of the situations that you may wish to consider in this context include the following.

  • Being with friends and family

  • Transitioning from 2008 to 2009

  • Handling the emotions and the ups and downs of the holidays

  • Time away from your regular routine

  • Self care and restoration for your well being. 

The pleasure (and pain) of uncertainty


One thing I like about presents is that you don't know what you are getting until you open them up.  You trust that whoever gave the gift will know you enough to get you something you will like and enjoy.  

I wonder then, what it would be like if we were to approach our life with this same level of excitement and anticipation.  Wouldn't it be exciting if we saw uncertainty as opportunity and the surprise as something to experience.  

We don't know what we are going to get. We don't know what is around the corner. We do however know this moment is here.

The difference is in the way we choose to see the moment.  On one hand we can approach uncertainty with dread, fear, worry and disappointment.  On the other hand we can be in wonder and awe of the situation. We can put our energy and thought into noticing what is happening now rather than what did or could be happening. 

Ultimately, when we spend our time thinking about the past or the
future too much we end up missing the beauty and joy of the moment.

Real ways to enjoy the present


These are just a few examples, some a bit more serious than the others.  Consider your own.


Staying in the present

Now the above examples are situational and still thought oriented. So I thought it might be fun to help you with a few more ways to stay in the present.  So how do
you stay in the present or even take a moment to reconnect to it?


Hey how easy is that? 
Well it is more than just breathing. It is about focusing.  Focusing on your breath for 5 minutes is
one of the easiest ways to get present.   Actually notice the in and out breath. Then see what happens.  There is much greater depth to using breath to keep us present.  Perhaps another post later...


Five senses plus more


You can also play the notice your world around you game.  Take 5 minutes and use all your senses to experience the moment. Right now. 

  1. Stop. Smell the air and breathe. What do you notice?  

  2. Stop and see.  Look around. What do you see? Notice all the details. The colours of things, the details, the variety.   

  3. Stop and feel.  Touch what is around you and experience it.  As an example feel yourself in your own body just by touching your skin.  You are physically present.  

  4. Stop and hear. Listen to the sounds around you. Take your headphones out and listen to nature for a change. Notice the tones, volume. What stands out. 

  5. Stop and taste. Take a sip of your drink or a bite of your food.  Savour it.  Let it sit on your tongue before swallowing.  Take your time.

And a bonus...Stop and sense.  On another level beyond our physicality you can even tap into your intuition.  Intuition comes alive in the present when we give it space.  In this space listen to your thoughts and notice what you say to yourself. Notice the positive ones in particular.  What insights do you get out of this moment to questions you want to ask yourself.
So savour the moment, be fully present and unwrap the possibilities toreally enjoy and be with what is happening right now in your life. 

Let's go there...


Jenn Shallvey