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I help you to know you and be you.

Yes I realise that this statement may sound ideal. So I like to make it practical and real.


I coach people to be clear about who they are, why they are here and what they want to do about it.

I facilitate workshops that help you develop your intuition or get more out of your life.

I write blogs about what I see and observe, random thoughts, intuition and change, and inspiration messages so you can reflect on what matters for you. 

I (sometimes) write a newsletter with feature articles to inspire you to pay attention and take action. 

I wrote a book and am now working on the next one, two or more.

And when I am not doing all the above I enjoy being with my family, living life, writing and eating in cafes, being in nature, going for a swim, bike ride or walk, reading or watching a good movie or show.

What I am doing is knowing and being me.


Remembering to Be Me™

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Remembering to Be Me™ focuses on supporting you in your journey to be you with online courses, blog, podcast  and coaching.