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Three-Practice Love

Opening up

Jenn Shallvey

So when we want to work on shifting into radical acceptance and simply being what does it take?  One word - LOVE.  Oh no, there’s that word. Well I might as well through in another - PEACE. Oh no, we are regressing to the sixties. Well yes we are going back in time. We are remembering that the wisdom of ages tells us when we live in peace and love that we get peace and love.

What does it mean to live in love. This is not romantic in nature, even if it may seem like that.  Many of us instantly go to this definition. In fact think of how much is loaded in the words ‘I Love You’. Many a relationship has stalled or stagnated simply because one person could not say these words or mean it when said.  Then there are those on the other end of the spectrum where these words are thrown around like an afterthought because it is cute or nice.

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