The Authenticity Initiative

Wouldn't you like to know what people really mean and do when they say they are authentic?

Well I do.

Why authenticity?

If you follow my work then you know I am passionate about helping people know themselves better so they can be truer to who they really are.   Authenticity is about knowing you better so you can be you more.

My intention with The Authenticity Initiative is to help you navigate through all the noise, expectations and should’s of this world to live and work more confidently and happier. 

What this is not about is reading what others say or referencing to academic statements. This is an initiative to go to the source - real people - and discover and learn

Right now what can you do to contribute to the conversation?

You are invited to complete a short online survey. The purpose of this survey is to gather information and learn as we go where to take the conversation about authenticity. I chose this word because of it's connotations, mixed meaning and assumptions. You either like the word or you don't. You more likely have your own view and to me that matters.

As people respond there will be updates on the results and the evolving conversation.  Contributing means you get the benefit of knowing that your views are being heard.  As the survey unfolds there will be updates and information shared. You are also welcome to stay in touch to continue in the conversation. 

Join the conversation and have your say...